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Decent 3rd-person action 0

If ever a game defined 3 stars, Unit 13 is that game. It's achieves competence across all areas without really exceeding in any specific area. The story doesn't seem to exist in any significant way other than you are the Unit 13 a specialist group of operatives charged with stopping some sort of terrorist group or country. Even within this generic framework, the characters are the best generic characters they can be. Each with a different accent (which I thought was a nice touch) and speciality....

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Pretty fun game 0

Gravity Rush caught me by surprise. It's currently free on PSN for Plus members and the title is not exactly inspiring. I downloaded it for the sake of it without really intending to play it. The first attempt at playing the game didn't exactly grab me, but being slightly inebriated at the time, I resolved to try again under more sober circumstances.The second time around was much more interesting. The story is told through a mixture of a slightly interactive comic and cut-scenes and although...

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A decent shooter with a great story. 0

The Darkness is a game that does many things right. The story is very entertaining, and it is a shining example of how voice acting can be done well in a video game. There are a lot of Starbreeze touches as well. Anybody who played The Chronicles Of Riddick will notice the familiar touches in the character interactions and even in the graphical look to a certain extent. The gameplay is entertaining, but not spectacular. There are more visceral and satisfying shooters on the market, especially no...

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