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Giant Bomb and the Xboxalypse


As most of you probably already know, yesterday marked, or at least was supposed to mark, the end of Xbox Live support for original Xbox games; which would mean no more Mech Assault, Forza, or Halo 2.(At the time of this writing I am unable to confirm whether or not the servers have in fact gone down.)   For this historic occasion, Giant Bomb decided to do a live Live event via Ustream, documenting and sending off in style the final hours of the original Xbox Live.  The servers were supposed to go down at around midnight last night, however, at 4:15am the servers had still not gone down and the fine folks at Giant Bomb decided enough was enough and called it a night.

Now, that would have been fine, except for one thing.   I don’t remember what time it was exactly, but I believe it was around 1 or 2, I was just about to leave the live stream when Ryan said that even if he had to do it himself he would stay until the end.   Because of this even though I was extremely tired, and even though I had stuff I needed to do before I could go to bed, AND, even though I had somewhere to be at 10 this morning(9am Pacific time) I stayed up, because if Ryan could do it so could I, and I was going to stick it out until the end!

But Ryan did not stick it out to the end like he said he would, even though I and many others were willing to stick it out with him.   I’m a little disappointed, but in the end it was still a very entertaining live stream and I’m glad I watched it, even if I have to go through the rest of my day running on no sleep still not knowing whether or not the Xboxalypse really happened or not.


The Quest Requires It

As anybody reading this blog should know, giantbomb started a new quest system today, and one of those quest requires you to post a new blog(hopefully it's not considered cheating or spoiling to post a blog saying that, but since it's in the description I think it's okay). Now I'm not going to say that I'm posting this blog for any reason other than to complete this quest, because that would be a lie.  However, I would like to tell you what I think of this new quest system, but I'm way to busy in a mad dash trying to complete as many quests in as short a time as humanly possible.


The Wii and E3

            Note: This blog was originally going to be posted a few weeks ago up at Gamespot but my computer died and I’m just starting to get all back up and running (thank God I backed at least some of this stuff up) so here it is in all its glory and fashionably late!

       I, like so many others, was disappointed by Nintendo’s performance at this year’s E3.  It was bad, painfully bad.  I couldn’t even finish watching it was so bad, I had to go to external sources to get my information.  What adds a bit to this disappointment is that the first Saturday this July, (Which when I first wrote this blog was about a week ago.) I got a Wii.  Now you may ask ‘why now’.  My response is - why not now?  There may not be that many great games coming out for it on the near horizon.  But that does nothing to diminish the awesomeness of the games that are already out for it - Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros., Brawl, Super Paper Mario, Resident Evil 4, No More Heroes, Metroid Prime 3, and others.  Plus since, for the time being, I still live at home I decided to be slightly less selfish than I normally am and pick the console that my entire family could enjoy…and help me pay for, I’m not made of money you know.

Nintendo really needs to improve these things
Nintendo really needs to improve these things

    Now, like I said, I was disappointed by Nintendo’s E3 conference this year, But I’m amazed at how quickly people have turned
against Nintendo and the Wii.  People, who just six months ago would have killed you if you so much as dissed the Wii and were hailing Super Smash Bros. Brawl as the coming of the new Messiah, are now saying that Nintendo has betrayed them and that the Wii is and always has been a disappointment and a huge failure.  Now sure, Nintendo has had two consecutively poor E3 conferences, and yeah, I’m pretty disappointed that there aren’t that many stellar games coming out this year for the Wii too.  I just think people are taking this a little too far.

    One thing we need to remember is that Nintendo hasn’t really had a lot of good third party support this generation.  If they want to have a good game, they usually have to make it themselves.  Now, part of this is their own fault, but part of it is that since they’ve taken a bold and somewhat risky new step with the Wii, a lot of developers simply weren’t willing to take the risk and invest their time and money and maybe even their reputations into making Wii games.  But getting back to the point, if Nintendo wants to make a good game they usually have to do it themselves, and there is only so much they can do.  They have to appeal to both their hardcore fans as well as all the casual newcomers who are probably on pins and neddles are the Wii Sports sequel was announced.  While it is important for Nintendo to focus some of their attention on this new casual crowd, it is even more important that they start focusing more of their attention on their loyal fans which they are desperately close to losing.  Chances are, most of the casual crowd will stick with Nintendo whether they make a lot of games for them or not, hence the fact that they are casual.  Hardcore Nintendo Fans, they want a new Mario, a new Zelda, a new Metroid, a new Pikmin, and maybe even some more good third party games.

These are the types of games Nintendo fans want
These are the types of games Nintendo fans want

 All that being said, as gamers when we complain about the lack of quality titles for the Wii, I think we’re being a little unfair.  Consider this, at the end of the GameCube’s life there was ONE 3D Mario platformer, ONE Paper Mario, TWO Metroid Prime games, TWO Pikimin games, and TWO Zelda games, with only a handful of good third party games.  Now, not even two years into the Wii’s life we have ONE 3D Mario platformer, ONE Paper Mario, ONE Zelda game, ONE Metroid game, a few good exclusive third party games and at least one Pikimin game in the making.  We can’t compare the GameCube or N64’s library at the end of their lives to a console that’s just starting to get on it’s feet.  I guess in the end the point of this blog is to say that, yeah, I was let down by Nintendo at this years E3, but they’ll come around, they always do.  In the meantime there is still some great gaming to be had on the Wii while we wait and wonder what Nintendo could possibly think up next.