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E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

A list of upcoming games I'm excited about that were announced or discussed at this years E3

List items

  • Knights of the Old Republic is one of my favorite games of all time and it's the main reason that Bioware is one of my favorite developers of all time. So Bioware making a sequel to Kotor and making it an MMO is nearly all my dreams come true. Plus the fact that they're making it more story focused than most, if not all, mmo's and how good the game is looking right now. Oh, I think I'm going to cry.

  • While Guitar Hero seems content to keeps milking the ever swindling music genre until the cow goes dry or some sort of stability is reached. Rock Band in moving the genre forward in new and exciting ways. Pro-mode, the keyboard, the possibility of using this game for actual learning purposes. Way to up the ante or die trying!

  • This one surprised me. Out of all of the games announced at E3 this is the only one that made me sit up in my chair, look saucer eyed at they screen and scream, "No way!!" I love the Donkey Kong Country series, and with Retro at the helm I have high hopes for this one.

  • I'd heard several months ago that they were making another Kirby game, this time for the Wii, so I was expecting a new Kirby game to be announced. I wasn't expecting what I saw though. Kirby's Epic Yarn looks like it'll be taking the Kirby franchise and incorporating it into intuitive and clever new adventure, much like Super Paper Mario did for the Paper Mario series. I'm just hoping a little more time and polish goes into K.E.Y. than S.P.M.

  • When Pit was announced as a playable character in Brawl my first reaction was, "Who? Oh, that little angel boy from Kid Icarus! Wait, does that mean that they're finally making another Kid Icarus game?" Well, as more and more time went on I got more and more doubtful that this game would ever come into being. And yet here it is! And it looks terrific! And it make a pretty shine showcase for the power of the 3DS!

  • Everybody knew this was coming, and I'm very excited about this one. Finally a Zelda game built specifically for the Wii!(I will argue until the end of time the Twilight Princess was a Game Cube game and that's what it should be played on.) However, I wasn't as blown away by this as I feel that I should have been. But that's probably because this game still isn't coming out for another year, hell maybe another 2 or 3 years, but never-the-less, another Console Zelda!!

    Oh, and has anyone else noticed that the titles for Zelda games have gone downhill ever since Phantom Hourglass? Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword are both kinda dumb names.

  • The original portal was one of those great games that had a unique gameplay concept, a solid premise, and near-perfect execution on all fronts. But it was also really, really short and almost felt more like an appetizer, or perhaps a demo, than a full game. Well, here we have a full Portal game!

  • I'm both incredibly excited for this game and incredibly skeptical. The Metroid series is one of the series that I hold very close to my heart and I'm happy that they're trying something new and exciting with this series, while at the same time retro and classic. It's just that this is one of those things that could just go horribly wrong. But still, this is Team Ninja making this game, and Nintendo would just let them ruin one of the most popular and beloved series of all time.....would they?

  • Dead Space 2 Looks fantastic, and watching footage from it at E3 mainly reminded me of why I need to get around to finishing that game. That's one of the reason's its not quite as high on my list as it otherwise would have been. The other is that everyone has known there would be a Dead Space 2 since about 2 hours after the first game launched, and as high quality as Dead Space 2 appears to be, it didn't really surprise me at all. From as far as I can tell, this is Dead Space 2 and it's exactly what you'd expect.

  • Mass Effect was flawed back great, Mass Effect 2 fixed and streamlined the original into something amazing, and Mass Effect 3, well, we'll just have to wait and see what it does.

  • I liked Little Big Planet, at least in concept, a build your own platformer is right up my alley. but at the same time it didn't quite feel right, mechanically; and from the little time I spent with it it also felt somewhat limited in what you could do gameplay-wise. I can't say for sure if this sequel will fix my first problem with the game(probably not though since they're incorporating the 2 million existing levels and there'd be compatibility issues) but it looks like a sure thing that they'll be fixing the second problem. I'm impressed with all of the different things it looks like you'll be able to do, and with this game coming out in just 5 months, I might finally have to go out and get a PS3

  • I'm pissed that this game exists. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't MGS 4 suppossed to be the last main-series Metal Gear Solid game? What the hell? I'm a huge believe on letting good things end when they need too and going out on a high note, and it's hard to imagine a higher note for MGS than Guns of the Patriots. Still, this game does look really good, and it seems to make decent use of Sony's new Move Wii-mote-ripoff thing. Speaking of which I suddenly have the craving for watermelon.... Kenji!!

  • Fallout 3 was the first Fallout game I ever played, and after a little bit of a rough start, I quickly fell it love with it, faults and all. So, naturally I'm excited for this game. I'm just not really seeing any major improvements, which is disappointed, but even still I'd be more than happy to play through another Fallout game.

  • Okami was a really good PS2 game, and an even better Wii game. Okami was similar to a Zelda style action/adventure game. One of the key differences(besides the art style, setting, and mature jokes) was that instead of items you had different brush techniques, that would allow you to do different things such as drop bombs, bring out the sun, or fish. This was a great fit for the Wii, but it seems as though it'd be an even bigger fit for the DS, which is why I'm very much anticipating the release of this game.

  • The Paper Mario series is one of my favorite RPG series of all time, and while I liked Super Paper Mario's unique twist on the series, I'm happy to see a return to form with this latest title on Nintendo's upcoming and ever more enticing 3DS.

  • The Force unleashed was a bad good game. Or perhaps it was a good bad game. Either way it is best described as wasted potential. The game had great mechanics and a great story but was frustrating and had extremely uneven difficulty. But now that Lucas Arts has had its test run perhaps this sequel will be way better. I'm actually willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  • Street Fighter 4 has gotten me back into fighting game at long last, For this reason I am, surprisingly, looking forward to Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  • I haven't been the biggest fan of Fable games in the past, and I'm still not. Fable III looks really good. However, Fable II also looked really good and ended up being a huge letdown, (at least it was for me, and I still don't understand the near worship that some people have for that game). So, I'm a little excited for Fable III, but with some major reservations.

  • They had me at Patapon and multiplayer. Other than that its Patapon 2 with a slightly altered art style and refined mechanics. I'm in.

  • ohhhhhhhh, pretty. Maybe Kinect isn't such a bad idea after all.

  • Much like Bioshock, part of me would have liked Arkham Asylum to be a stand-alone project. But no everything has to be a bloody franchise these days. Whatever, just so long as Rocksteady doesn't screw this up and produces another game that's at least worthy of the series, I guess I'll live. Plus I kinda would like a sequel to my personal favorite game of 09.

  • I liked Chains of Olympus, but it sorta felt like God of War Light. Ghost of Sparta still kinda looks light GOW Light but hopefully this game will be something truly special. And even if not...still might be worth picking up.

  • I'm curios to see how the Gears of War trilogy raps up, and I really like Gears style and mechanics, but even still I'm only barley excited for Gears of War 3. Mainly because I was pretty disappointed in 2's campaign and that the only thing that I still keep it around for is horde, which is honestly wearing thin. And so far the only new things that this game has to offer me is four player co-op and, what is basically, a reverse Horde mode; which is enough to get my anticipation up, barley.

  • I've always had this sort of love hate relationship with the Assassin's Creed series. I love it for it's settings and storyline and characters and semi-historical accuracy. But I hate the dull objectives and often clunky controls. (To be fair I haven't played much of AC II yet so maybe the problem were more smoothed out then my first impressions made them out to be.) So I'm also semi-excited for this game, which I may or may not play.

  • I don't even like Mickey, but at the same time I want this game to be good. I don't know why.

  • Another game that I'm interested far more on a clinical level than something I might actually consider buy and playing.

  • I'm not so much excited for this game as I'm curios as to how it will turn out. This is one of the Kinect games, that, like Wii Sports, carries the burden of convincing gamers and game developers if Kinect really has what it takes to make great games.

  • I liked Legend and Anniversary a lot, so I'm willing to give this game, as well as the series, a chance to redeem itself after underworld

  • I really liked the original dead rising but it got very repetitive very fast. I really like how this game is looking, I'm just hoping it also doesn't get very repetitive very fast.

  • I liked the first Conduit. It wasn't great, but if nothing else it proved that the Wii had a little more under the hood than people gave it credit for. So I'm interested to see what the sequel to the first true and good FPS on the Wii has got.

  • I love the Animal Crossing series. In fact, once I'm done with this list, I'm actually going to go check what Nook and Redd have for sale today, and see if my new bridge is built yet. But I hate how little innovation and new content goes into the different versions and I'm really hoping that this time around Nintendo puts a little more effort into the game this time around.

  • Very little is known about this game, thus I will type very little about it.

  • I've been waiting and hoping with each new 3D Sonic game that they will finally get it right. Cheers to hoping against hope.

  • The first game had high ambitions that it, unfortunately, failed to meet. However, second time's the charm with these sort of thing fairly often.

  • As tired as I am of the multiplayer focused FPS genre and the Call of Duty series in particular I am interested in seeing how this game adapts to it's new Vietnam War setting and how Treyarch performs now that they're pretty much top dog on the COD series ever since that Infinity Ward thing a few months back.

  • I almost just spit at the thought of another Lego game(Go to hell Clone Wars) until I remember how much I enjoyed The Original Trilogy, then instead I wonder if a new franchise can breath some new life into the series.

  • Another handheld Mario Kart game. Interesting.

  • I just recently started looking in to this game and I'm still on the fence. Could be fun.

  • I am so close to just not even giving the Halo series a second look ever again, but fine Halo. You have one last chance to convince me that you have something to offer me again.