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A Washed Up Future: Spin-Review 0

There's no arguing that Tsunami 2265 is a terrible third person shooter with mecha elements. It could be said that it has no redeeming qualities. Even as a bargain bin purchase, I feel the ten dollars I put down for it could have been better used lighting a cigar. Still, there has to be a good side to anything. Let's see what kind of spin can be put on it to make Tsunami 2265 look like a logical, entirely intended train wreck.First things first, the game's relatively pretty. It looks decent. Sur...

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The Hook Brings You Back 0

Few remakes are ever as good as the original. Rarer still are the times when a port will end up being better than the version that came before it. This makes Bionic Commando for the Game Boy all the more valuable.Halfway between a direct port and a remake, Bionic Commando follows the same story as the game of the same name on the NES. You play Rad Spencer, the best of the bionic commando corps, as he goes deep into the warlike Doraize Dukedom to recover lost agent Super Joe. While the original N...

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