Angry Birds Mysteries of the Jedi

I came across a review of Angry BIrds Star Wars, and I was kind of appalled at how trite the complaints they guy made against the game were (not to say the game is perfect). One point was that he as annoyed that you have the option to buy additional Falcons. That reminds me of people who complain that keys in Team Fortress 2 cost money. In both cases, the game is free, and no aspect of game play is limited if you do not purchase anything. Being that spending money on the game is completely elective, and that anyone who chooses to can play the game for free, this a ridiculous complaint.

Also, they reviewer was saying that you need to purchase the Path of the Jedi levels, you can actually unlocked them free of charge, by getting three stars in every level of the Death Star episode (you may need to do so for the Tatooine levels as well)

There are a few things I have considered, which I think would reduce the frustation level with the game a bit, but I am unsure if these aspects are design choices, and if changing them would detract from gameplay.

One thing would be to have the ability to have a redo for your second and other birds following the first. There are times when the first bird does exactly what I wanted it to do, but then I miss fire with the second bird (or send him slightly off course). They way it is now, I have to redo the first bird, which requires mutilple tries to once again get it to replicate the sucess of my previous attempt.

Also, there are some levesl where it would be nice if you could choose what type of bird you can use, as there are some times when the abilities of the bird given to you do not match the set up of the pigs and their fortifcations. This is most likely a predetermined design choice, as allowing you to choose what type of bird to use would completely eliminate the challenge of the level, so it is unlikely to change.

There are still a few things I don't understand about the game.

1) After completing the Path of the Jedi level, you get unlock the ultimate lightsaber . How is the ultimate lightsaber different from the orginal?

It turns out that "ultimate" merely means green.

So I found the answer to my first question.

2) How is the use of the Falcon's tallied? Does attempting to complete a level with the Falcon use up one Falcon, or can I attempt the level an infinite amount of times with a single Falcon?

Right now I have 60 Facons, but there are 120 levels unlocked. Would I need to acquire 60 more Falcons in order to complete each level with a Falcon?

3) How are the medals awarded? (They are shown on the bottom right side, when you look at the level select screen) I am assuming they are awarded for completing a level using the Falcon.

4) What are the rewards for gaining each level of stars? There must be a list somewhere....

Well, just after quitting Star Wars Angry Birds for the night, I noticed there is an update. I downloaded it, and hoped it would unlock the Hoth level, but it didn't.