Arcade Games I Enjoyed

List of games that I used to play on a semi-regular basis at the arcade.

List items

  • The soundtrack (Mozart) and pace of the game was intense and fun. I would call this game the high and the final peak of "invader" games.

  • An interesting variety of games, and ingrained TRON's soundtrack into my brain.

  • I greatly enjoyed the arcade version of this game. Interesting use of split screen. I don't think any following Star Trek flight simulation game has been as enjoyable, most due to being limited to turning in circles while chasing enemies who do the same.

  • I was never that into Dragon's Lair, but with a combination of a sci-fi theme and animation, I couldn't stay away from this game. And it always drew a crowd, so getting to the end was extra satisfying.

  • I've only seen and played this game in Japan, and it's on rails a bit, but I enjoy it. Any game where you can race through traffic is fun for me. This one has the, but I sometimes think it's not possible to make it to the end of some of the races, especially on some of the "tracks" of Thrill Drive 3.

  • You had to do a little bit of thinking in this side scroller. I guess it was the secret agent theme that appealed to me.

  • A fun game, with an added dimension of being able to recover your captured ship, mad for a fast paced and fun game.

  • A bit too simple, and got hard too quickly, but it was an interesting tie in with the band Journey, at the height of their popularity.