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List of my favorite games of all time, though they are all computer games (where I do all my gaming), with the exception of Space Ace (arcade) and Mega Man (Orignal Nintendo). The first 5 games are in order of preference, but after that the order gets a bit fuzzy.

List items

  • My favorite game of all time. When are they going to make a new version and take advantage of the great strides in technology that have taken place in the last 15 years?

    It was great to be flying out in space, defending your star destroyer, giving orders to your wingmen and taking down other capital ships.

  • A great jump into the Star Wars universe. We were finally about to grab a blaster and shoot it out with stormtroopers. The addition of a lightsaber as well as some suspect AI, made the sequels inferior (thought still enjoyable) than the original.

  • The best value in gaming(the orange box, that is). The variety of the classes makes teamwork really rewarding. The addition of the payload games is just the start of the reasons this game surpasses its predecessor. And I hear there are hats.

  • The way you are brought into the story without any exposition, able to figure out what to do with out any explanation is only a part of what makes this a great game.

  • The ability to drive recklessly through traffic is my first requirement for any "racing" game. With a great variety of cars, that all drive like there real world counter parts, the ability to drive any car you see (and can steal) and an 80 setting and soundtrack make this game surpass the original. Motorcycles and helicopters are also a nice addition.

  • This is the game that I have spend the 2nd longest amount of time playing online. The addition of vehicles made this better than the already great original Unreal Tournament (BTW, I have never played the original unreal, but it seems that it was appropriately named)

  • This is the game that I have spent the 2nd most hours on, though I only play in co-operative mode and have never played it online. I bought StarCraft 2, but have only gone through the single player stuff. A good game, but so far nothing to make it superior to the original.

  • Driving luxury sports cars in Hawaii? This makes it make favorite driving game of all time. The selection of location, cars and the houses you can buy allow me to live out my dream, which would love to live out, if I became wealthy. Also, it allows me to relieve my time in Hawaii.

  • The ability to race through real world cities in traffic, makes this game one of the few driving games I enjoy.

  • Excellent game that combines the best elements of James Bond and Austin Powers in an appealing female package. The blend of action, with some of the conversations that are over heard (eavesdrop on the minions, you can hear them talking about pop culture in the 60's, as if it were real) make his game entertaining in both areas.

  • Great game. I really enjoyed the air battles, more so than Battlefield 2, as the battles in Battlfield 1942 are dog fighting, based on pilot skill and luck, where as in Battlefild 2, the use of homing missiles make dog fighting outdated.

  • A great new direction for FPS. A lot of wacky weapons, like the shrink ray and the freeze gun help make it entertaining, especially in multiplayer. Also, Duke is the king of one liners.

  • One of the kings of the adventure game category. Funny and entertaining.

  • Entertaining and engrossing. A great combination of James Bond and Austin Powers, wrapped up in a appealing female package, giving you a chance to play the spy as you've seen on the screen. Some of the best dialogue in a game I have ever heard.

  • I enjoyed this franchise and have played games 1 to 6 to completion. Maybe some day I will continue playing the series, but I think the newer games may have deviated from the original formula.

  • This game rocks because of the atmosphere created. I didn't exactly find it scary, but it was fascinating to be sucked into that world for a while. It's also got me to read Atlas Shrugged, but I am not sure if that was a good thing, though I am glad to have gotten through it.

  • I loved the sci-fi and role play elements of this game. Though the ghosts would freak me out when I first started seeing them. I bought System Shock (the original) but was never able to get it to run on a modern system.

  • Better than Tron Legacy on many levels and gives you the chance to do many of the things seen in the original Tron. It's takes you into the tron world the way the Tron arcade game never could. The true sequel to the original Tron film.

  • I was never that into Dragon's Lair, but with a combination of a sci-fi theme and animation, I couldn't stay away from this game. And it always drew a crowd, so getting to the end was extra satisfying.

  • Loved the so called Cyber Punk feel to this game, along with the role playing and a free reign on how to handle situations.