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These are game I want to buy (and are upcoming) or games that I really plan to play at some point.

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  • I still hope that this game will be released one day. With recordings by the full original cast (a few of whom have now passed way), and a story by D.C. Fontana, this is like a new episode of the original Star Trek series.

  • Played Thief 1 and 3 and even have a copy of Thief 2 floating around which I never got around to playing.

  • I have been hearing a little about this game, and I am into sci-fi games, so I am planning on giving it a try.

  • Back to the Future. Hopefully this time it will get a good game. (Bought it, played it, it was okay...)

  • The original was great, not because it had game play that stood out from any other game, but because it was funny and entertaining beyond it's peers.

    (Bought it played it, it was so so)

  • I wonder if I have to track down a Super Nintendo, if I ever want to play this game.

  • I've loved every Jack game so far, and bought most of them (I missed a few and skipped the Sports one, as I know little about sports). I always have trouble finding people to play with me, because they think I am going to trounce them, but the game is so funny, that I like it even if I lose.

    Bought it, haven't played it yet.