The best of 1UP Yours (2008) -- The party's over now

We're back. It's fitting that our tenth episode puts the cap on the 1UP Yours saga. This Year has previously made best-of shows for the 2006 and 2007 years of 1UP Yours. Now it's time for the final year. Here's Garnett Lee. Here's Shane Bettenhausen. Here's Shawn Elliott, John Davison, Andrew Pfister, and Bryan Intihar. Here's the entire 1UP network with its best and brightest. Here's, for many, the greatest gaming podcast of all time, at its finest.
The recap is in two parts. Find out why this show is revered by many as the greatest gaming podcast of all time:  download the first part of the recap here, and  the second part here.
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Part 1
0:02:30 - Whatcha' Been Playin'?
1:29:30 - Message board posts; Four Minute Warning
2:44:30 - News
3:38:40 - Gag reel

Part 2
0:00:30 - Holiday stories
0:37:00 - GameStop and digital distribution
0:56:30 - Denis Dyack in studio
1:55:30 - Departures
2:11:30 - Finale

Two important points

First, we're doing a top 40 show for 1UP Yours voted on by you, the listener. We'd like to invite you to vote for your favorite moments. Secondly, we're leaving it up to you guys to choose which recap you want next -- Giant Bombcast (2008), or GFW Radio (2006). Vote for that here.
Thanks for listening! You guys are awesome. The response to these things has been incredible.