This Year #40: Best of the Giant Bombcast, 2010

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So, we've been working on the best-ofs for the Bombcast archive for most of this year, and now we've finally caught up! This best-of for the show's 2010 year fills in the gap, so now we've essentially done a complete Bombcast highlight reel. For those who don't know or haven't heard any of our stuff before, we basically produce best-of highlight shows for podcasts/radio shows. We've done 1UP Yours, Idle Thumbs, GFW Radio, Loveline, The Adam Carolla Show... and the Giant Bombcast, naturally.

It's unclear whether the Giant Bombcast has ever really been about video games. It ostensibly should be—it is a podcast produced by a video game website, starring a number of individuals that make a living as video game critics—but that doesn't account for the discussion of pizza, helicopters, Swatch Internet Time (or 'beat time'), and Kid Rock. Nevertheless, video game players will find the Bombcast informative: included within is an exhaustive and potent segment where the cast discuss the latest releases for Nintendo's WiiWare and DSiWare, two critically acclaimed online-only platforms recognized for providing the cutting edge in video game software. Stocked with an illegal amount of humor, the Giant Bombcast is among the longest running gaming podcasts, and among the most superior.

You can download the best-of here. It's six and a half hours long; one and a half hours of that is new releases. You can hit up our rush on Twitter, or on Facebook, or on iTunes, or via RSS. If you subscribe to us through iTunes, we'd really appreciate a rating and a review! Thanks for listening. And if you like what we do, then there's a ton of other podcasts we cover. You can find all those through our blog. We are listener funded (for our hosting costs), and we appreciate any help you can give us with that too. :)