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Favorite Video Game Characters

Most of these characters, you'll notice, are mainly supporting characters. But that may be the reason they are closest to my heart because they don't get as much credit as they deserve.

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  • The best character in Persona 4 in my personal opinion. Though his puns may be horrible, they always make me laugh. What tops it off is that his Persona has a freaking torpedo!

  • The clearly better, older brother of Mario. This guy does not get much time in the spot light, but he will always be my favorite over Mario. This guy jumps higher, and does a cool power slide when he runs, what's not cool about that?

  • The most bad-ass man in all of the Metal Gear series. This guy, in my opinion, can beat the shit out of both of his clones, at the same time!

  • This robot, is full of win. He has jet-pack capabilities and saves Ratchet's "bolts" one too many times for him to be considered the side-kick. If I had a robot like Clank on my back when I save the world, I'd be pretty damn happy.

  • This guy, is the reason I got into platformers as a child. His goofiness along with his ability to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex countless times is almost beyond belief. That, and his victory dance is so cool!

  • I shall follow the Freeman's exploits 'till the day I die...

  • He's Jack Frost, ho!

  • "Kill the kid, torch the house, we gotta get outta here... Some bad shit happened Charlie"