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Games That I Always Seem to Come Back To...

Everyone has a certain game that they love and play over and over again.
Here are a few of mine... Not in any particular order either.

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  • My personal favorite of the Persona franchise.

  • Somehow, along with Kingdom Hearts 1, I always go into a Kingdom Hearts game binge and play through both of them again like clockwork.

    I don't know how Disney mixed with Final Fantasy makes a great game, but Square Soft struck gold with this franchise.

  • Anyone that says they "don't play Pokemon anymore" is either lying, or just plain retarded.

    Gold/Silver is my favorite out of the franchise due to the new things it brought: The beloved (yet aggravatingly ridiculous to find) "Shiny Pokemon", Pokemon breeding, and of course... 2 regions to play in! :D

  • I'm the kind of gamer that likes to sneak behind the enemy and knife/choke them to death instead of the typical "shoot millions of rounds hoping to kill the enemy" tactic that most online FPS games are today.

    Metal Gear brought the entire Stealth genre into the market. Also, I just love the characters and whole story of this game.

    Only flaw this game has: There is a goddamn helicopter for a boss!

  • The games by themselves are great, but the fact that you get Portal, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, and EP: 1 & 2 of Half-Life 2, all for the price of an individual game is almost too amazing to comprehend.

  • With all the comedy in this game mixed with the amazing-ness that is an FPS, it's hard not to love the characters and story. One word for you: "LAAWWRRENNNCE!"

  • I practically grew up on Spyro. This one has to be the best, and last in my opinion, game of the franchise. There may be games that go under the name Spyro, but if Insomniac doesn't make it, it isn't the same as the cute purple dragon we all know and love.

  • Another series that just was destroyed after it's developer was kicked by Universal Studios. This game had Crash at it's finest. Naughty Dog knew what they were doing when they let a mad scientist alter the brain of this loony bandicoot. *starts going about his room doing the patented "Crash Bandicoot" victory dance*

  • A game that finally lets Luigi get into the spotlight for once! This game was what I desperately needed after Mario always got to be the one to be the hero and get the lady at the end of EVERY game... Plus, you get a vacuum as a weapon!

  • Just because it isn't my favorite, doesn't mean I don't love it. The characters in this game are impssible to say no to.. Especially our favorite bear mascot.

  • Even though I've had to restart the game due to the infamous Vampire Quest glitch.. I still love this game and its expansions.