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Steam Summer Sale 2012 - The Damage

Sort of hoped I wouldn't get caught up in all the hype, but when I saw the GB news story, let's just say I've never opened Steam so quickly. It was a little painful being reminded of the sale weeks ago... and most days since.

I just spent way too much money upgrading my PC, I wanted a new graphics card and ended up building a computer to facilitate it. So, about a month after building said PC hundreds of games are on sale. I'm going to try not to be a sucker, but there are quite a few games I wouldn't mind owning, especially at a good price.

I keep a list of games I've finished, it'll be glorious to see how many (few) of these games I beat, I'm not imagining an excellent conversion rate.

Games bought: 21

Games beaten: 8

List items

  • Price: £1.75<BR>

    Notes: I bought this on PSN years ago, but have since sold my PS3. The game was fun and the music was phenomenal, I still listen to it most weeks. For under £2 I couldn't resist, It'd been on my Steam Wish List since I found out it was even on PC.

  • Price: £3 + 50p for DLC<BR>

    Notes: I already own this on XBLA. If I was to play my 360, it'd be on the monitor I'm using with the PC and probably with the same controller too. It's just tempting to consolidate my collection on the system I've spent the most on (hardware at least) and which makes the most sense. If it helps, I've been wanting to play through this again (well, I haven't finished it before) for a while, and I played it a lot during a free weekend on Steam.<BR>

    Bought the DLC too, just to have something I didn't have on 360 and to add an iota of justification to the purchase. I'll try not to spend too much on games I already own, that would be dumb.

  • Price: £3<BR>

    Notes: I've been interested in this for a while and it's been sitting in my Wish List for a while, most recently at the top. Hurray, I bought a game I've never played and don't already own!

  • Price: £5<BR>

    Notes: The first game I've bought (thus far) that wasn't available for too long (about 6 hours), most are on sale from now till the 23rd of July. I watched some reviews and it seems worth a go for £5.<BR>

    I managed to avoid buying the DLC or Collectors Edition, that means I'm still winning right? Take that Steam!

  • Price: £3<BR>

    Notes: I quite like the original Trine, at least in concept, though it never ran well for some reason. The sequel is well reviewed and was pretty cheap, so seems like a decent choice.

  • Price: £5<BR>

    Notes: I really liked the game when I rented it for 360, I beat the game then but didn't get all the achievements. I've been meaning to pick it up for a while and haven't played it in years so not the worst buying decision I've ever made.

  • Price: £4.79<BR>

    Notes: I've been interested in this for a while, so I grabbed it pretty quickly before its sale ended (though I waited a day, to look like I have some control).

  • Price: £1.74<BR>

    Notes: I may own this one on Xbox 360, I definitely bought one Tomb Raider game for points then got bored immediately. Whichever it was it cost more than £1 and change. I started playing some of my old PS1 games recently, so maybe I'll go back to the beginning of the series at some point.

  • Price: £2.49<BR>

    Notes: 4 of these games for under £10 isn't bad, I know I've never finished any of them, or gotten particularly far in the ones I've played.

  • Price: £2.49<BR>

    Notes: Metacritic says these are all pretty good, no time like the present and all that.

  • Price: £2.49<BR>

    Notes: This one I definitely own on Xbox 360, but I don't think I got especially far in it when I played it, though I do remember enjoying it. No good reason to buy this so I won't even try.

  • Price: £2.99<BR>

    Notes: I thought this looked interesting back when Giant Bomb did their Quick Look, but around that time I'd decided that the pricing on XBLA was a bit too high to justify buying games on a whim, especially as I own about 200 XBLA games and never play most of them.

  • Price: £3.74<BR>

    Notes: I was in two minds about this. I thought it looked neat the first time I saw it, less so when it came out, but for a few pound it should more than enough.

  • Price: £2.49<BR>

    Notes: Seems cool, I liked Assault Heroes back in the day of early XBLA games. The Quick Look/s seemed pretty positive too.

  • Price: £2.99<BR>

    Notes: The Quick Look looked really interesting, so I bought it when it was cheap, pretty simple.

  • Price: £12.59<BR>

    Notes: I've watched both currently released episodes played several times, but hadn't got around to playing it myself. Though the main draw is the story, it seems worth playing through to make your own choices. This makes the most sense of anything I've bought so far, I wanted to buy it, but though it was a bit pricey at£21.

  • Price: (Dungeon Siege Pack 1 of 3)£5.74<BR>

    Notes: Never played it. Presumably it's pretty good.

  • Price:(Dungeon Siege Pack 2 of 3)£5.74<BR>

    Notes: I really liked this game when I played it years ago, I bought the set to get this really as, for some reason, they don't sell this individually (the original either).

  • Price:(Dungeon Siege Pack 3 of 3)£5.74<BR>

    Notes: I don't know much about the third game in the series, I'm not expecting too much as it's not particularly critically acclaimed but at less than £2 a game it's not a huge risk.

  • Price: £3.49<BR>

    Notes: Another game I own on 360, it'll look and run better on PC, but that's still not ideal justification for buying it again. It was on my wish list though, and I just played through Renegade Ops (same developer), so I'm looking forward to playing some Just Cause.

  • Price: £3.49<BR>

    Notes: I was initially planning to get this as £7 (half price) if it hadn't got any cheaper by the end of the sale. As I spent more and amassed more games I changed my mind, I could wait to play Bioshock again, but at £3.49 not so much. It's one of my favourite games and should look and run better than it did on the Xbox 360 (which I also own by the by).