Just ordered a PS3....

I hope it gets here soon. Ive been without a system for months now. Please Amazon, hurry! If not, Ill wait another two fucking weeks to get it. Its funny, I dont have any patience but Ima try to hold my horses.


Stated my new job

Im so excited. I work at KFC which isnt to bad. My family and I need the income. Out of my gma, my mom, and my dad Im the only one without a job. Plus Im going to school. I have a lot on  my plate which they fail to realize. But anyway, I can finality save enough money to replace my HD and my games. Once I get my system all you F*&^ks on my friends lists are going DOWN!LOL :]


Design Studio

Im slowing starting up a design studio with a few friends. I need to come up with a decent name for it. "DetroitDesigns" "313NDesign" and "RoboDesigns" have been put on the table already. Any suggestions?


Mondern Ware 2.

I just played that game after months of not having a game system. Its sad that the game is almost exactly like ho I remember it. Same camp spots, same cheap tactics and same spawn points. Even with the new maps the game doesnt have any replay value(besides the level system, which is broken IMO) If you didn't unlock new guns/attachments when you leveled up would you put time into that game like you are now? 


Giantbomb as I knew it is dead.

TO many assholes. Man, a guy cant even create a blog without someone stopping in a saying their 2 cents. If you dont like it, leave and let the mods clean it up. How is that for an "intellegent" blog....



Im not exactly new to the site but I havent been on in awhile so some of the new features(like quests) are brand new and Im loving it. It give me a chance to learn some gaming history