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The next level of tower defense 0

While I can't say it factually, of course, I would like to think that the folks at Robot Entertainment spent countless hours playing numerous tower defense games to the point where they knew almost perfectly what works and what doesn't. I say this because Orcs Must Die! captures everything great about the genre while stripping away the bits that are outdated and cumbersome. Levels are short and varied and enemies never get more hp, run faster, or any of those usual tower defense tropes. In fact ...

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Trials and Tribulations builds upon what the past games started. 0

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations is the sequel to Justice for All and also the last game in the original Phoenix-focused trilogy. It picks up one year after the events in Justice For All, at least when you get to play as Phoenix that is. The biggest change to Trials and Tribulations is noticeable right from there start – playing as different defense attorneys for a change. The first of five cases has you playing a younger version of Mia Fey, Phoenix's deceased mentor. This tu...

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