Top Five Wrestling games I have played

Well they was a time many moons ago when I couldn't get enough of wrestling games, and wrestling its self but those days have long since past, but here are the best wresling games I have ever played.

List items

  • Hands down the best overall wrestling package I have ever played of any era, far more depth than meets the eye on the CAW, mode too, spent many sleepless nights creating wrestlers from the time, many feeling very personal in the end.

  • Probably the only PS2 era Smackdown game to get the balence correct between dificulty and the reversal system, and a the only one to come close to No Mercy because of it.

  • This game was a dream come true for me when it was released, I was always a big fan of what AKI had done with the WCW games and the engine was far better than the Acclaim wrestling games, I always joked with my brother "what if" and never thought it would happen, as I was a WWF fan more than WCW.

  • The only wresling game of the modern era worth getting for me and the closest to Here Comes the Pain, for overall balence, seems like they got it right first time before they started stripping it down.

  • If there was a game I wanted more at the time I cant remember what it could have been, other than OoT that is but after playing the first WCW effort by THQ this was high on my list and it didnt dissapoint in every way better than the first game, and played far better than the Acclaim games of the time.