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1,117 Giant Bomb Points.

EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!
Yes, I've finally reached the 1000 Point milestone today.1,117 Points.By today, I should have about 50 more I believe.

Took me an exact week to get there.Man, it feels great.I can now freely make changes to any of the Wiki Pages.Rightful ones though.I'm not going to abuse this privilege.If I see a good write-up , I'm not going to be an ass and write over it just for points.

And yes, after you edit a Wiki Page after 1000 Points, YOU DO GET THE POINTS IMMEDIATELY.Now that I have 1000, I pledge not to upload any more images, unless I feel there has to be some for a certain article I must have.Probably character related.Time to start adding blurbs and related info and stuff.Then to make some big write-ups.

Highest Character Page I contributed to

Highest Video game Article I contributed to

People, time to celebrate for my 1000 Points and now that I have a working PS2! Now I can finally open Persona 3:FES! I might have Soul Calibur IV later today.


Addicted to Giant Bomb.

I admit it.I'm addicted to Giant Bomb.I've been meeting all my friends from GS and some completely new people.I like the whole facebook wall style and I love the fact that blogs update immediately.The forums? Not so much yet.I'm really here just checking out my profile, and others.And making... an insane amount of contributions.

I've been editing some articles and adding stuff.Although not all of it has been approved.I had 32 points earlier today, and now 52.My Sonic CD images I uploaded got approved and are now viewable on the Sonic CD Page.I'm also the top contributor there now because of that ^_^ Must stay at the top..  I also realized something earlier today...


Hells Yeah! My top points at the time were for Richter Belmont! Now it's Second.I'm also the top contributor at the Richter Belmont Page.How quaint... Richter is badass... and I got what I wanted ^_^.

Uploading Images and links are so easy.If I add a url to a word, I can simply search for it and the game/page will pop up.

I've been contributing like a motherfucker.No joke.I have 22 pages of images waiting to be approved.What can I say? I'M ADDICTED!!!!

At this rate... 1000 very soon I bet.Sweet Jebus look what I've become...


Experience so far...

Now, that I've had some more hands-on time with Giantbomb... I can truly say that I'm enjoying it.

* No fear of Mods, since we actually have bigger sense of freedom of speech here.
* I can curse... this was huge.FUUUUCCCCK YEAH!
* Sorta like Facebook... I like that format.

* No sigs
* Only OT and general game boards.Implement something similar to unions, and GS is done.

So how is the experience for all you guys? It's crazy how many people from GS are joining up, so much that people are calling it GS 2.0, although I prefer they don't call it that.


New beginning?

So, this site is now finally complete and all.We can curse... awesome.I just wish I can finally upload images, it's not going slow anymore for me, so that's good.Once I can upload and use my images, it'll be all good.Will this replace Gamespot? Who knows? If things REALLY die there, then yes.So how are you guys all doing? I wonder if I can use an image for my sig... or use one at all.Can I?