Top Allies to help defeat The Grinch.

The Allies I would need to defeat the most powerful enemy and my arch-rival, The Grinch, for stealing my Teddy Bear. (More to be added, I need to think of good stuff to say)

List items

  • GigaWyvern is quite possibly the most random person I have ever met.More than me! *SPOILER!* And I mean that in a very good way.He's a very unique person.You can generally talk to him about anything and he's very much so willing to help.Get him in a debate and he will respond with fierce Wyvern ferocity and intelligence! He's merciless! It's a conspiracy!

  • This man right here, most powerful dude I know probably ever.He wows everyone in his almighty presence and kills any motherfucker who opposes him.Although, I have not seen any case of such an event occuring.In general, a great dude to be around.He's generally laid-back, and is very fun loving.Fun... with Walruses.He makes them laugh so his Teddy Bear in Prison never gets out because it's one of the most evil pricks on this side of the Earth.More evil than my greatest enemy.That fucking teddy bear should not ever escape.