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Generic shooter with an interesting twist 0

You take on the role on Matt Hazard a washed up gaming action hero who's career has taken a slid recently. Like all washed up gaming action heroes you now eat and drink too much and stay at home all day watching TV. Suddenly the game developer you work for wants to make another Matt Hazard game and you jump at the chance but not everything is as it appears. It's Hazard Time!Good Points:Some laugh out loud moments.A good mixture of achievements, both easy and hard.Interesting and unusual story.Ni...

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A great dungeon crawler 2

It's a miracle this game ever got released because it had been delayed so many times, but I for one are glad Interplay finally released it.Good points:Decent enough graphics including full motion video.Great voice acting.Very atmospheric music.Control system is easy to use.Party management is easy.Unusual magic system.Box art and novel.Bad Points:Bugs.The graphics in the game were supposed to be top notch but because of the many delays they were never quite as good as the competition.  Having sa...

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A great old school shooter from the people at Frozenbyte! 0

Good Points:Great weapons.Great graphics.Very atmospheric levels.RPG elements, such as character upgrades, weapon upgrade etc.Background music is very atmospheric.Different characters.Much better voice acting than in the first game.Secret unlockables.Stationary guns.Controllable MECH (we've been crying out for this since the first game).Character specific special moves.Runs well on multiple cores!Supports dual mice and keyboards for better co-op on one PC.Bad Points:Levels are smaller.Doesn't ha...

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It's no COD4 or BF2 but it's not bad for a first time developer 0

The premise of the game is in the future oil starts to run out and conflicts start to control what little oil is left. The Russian and Chinese have formed an alliance (Red Star Alliance) and the US/Europe are the Western Coalition. What started with a small incursion by the Red Star Alliance will end up a war.Good points:Decent enough graphics.Interesting premise.Half decent single player with some replay value.Drones that are really fun to use.Some intense firefights.A pistol that's actually go...

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Such a wasted opportunity to create something great 0

You reprise your role as the "Master Chief" doing battle with the Covenant and the Flood.Good Points:Decent enough story.Good voice acting.Dual wield.Bad Points:Awful graphics.Multiplayer on LIVE.Vista only...yeah right!Halo 2 has a decent enough story but there are things that aren't explained at all. How did they get back to Earth? How did Johnson survive the Flood attack? All of these questions aren't answered in the game but thankfully are answered in the book.Good voice acting is allways a ...

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Over 100 hours playing it and I love it 0

When I first saw the screenshots for this game I thought wow the cell shaded graphics look really good and different to what we usually see in RPG games. I played the demo and got a little bit bored with it but I persisted and then brought the full game twice (long story). I'm really glad I brought the full game, on my first play through I spent well over 100 hours playing it.Graphics:The cell shaded graphics in the game are really good and very unusual for an RPG game. Sliverfall's world enviro...

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Not as tactical as previous incarnations but still a good shooter 0

The game starts off in Pic des Pyréneés, France with a hostage situation and then promptly moves you into the familiar surroundings of Las Vegas. As soon as you arrive in Las Vegas it is taken over by terrorists (how inconsiderate of them) and panic is widespread. As the story develops you get to go to different locations around Las Vegas including the Convention Centre and a few other locations such as a small town in Nevada. Good Points: Decent graphics and sound. Better voice acting than t...

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Way too short and a technically broken game 2

You're a construction worker called Carson. You start the game at the top of a sky scraper that's under construction and you quickly see the start of the Nazi invasion. You decide to fight back and join up with the resistance.Good things:The games premise.Great explosions.Decent enough music.First sequence is impressive.Bad things:Really really short singeplayer campaign.Technically broken (Slowdowns, texture glitches, in game loading times etc).Terrible hit detection.Game world isn't very inter...

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