Ha, I just saw this news article.  I thought it was pretty interesting and kinda funny too.  Within the news story, there's a link to various graphs.  One of them was about my reviews, in a way: "One user is a complete outlier in that they have written almost 40% more reviews then anyone else."  Yeah, that's obviously me.

I've been writing these reviews since June of 2006.  Some games I completed before then and gave retroacitive reviews (like Tales of Symphonia and Paper Mario 2, which are terribly written reviews, I admit).  So I didn't write 140 reviews since this site came up.  I've been doing this forever, so that's why I have a buttload of reviews up.  I mostly write them just to motivate myself to finish games.  I had a really hard time finishing games before I started writing reader reviews.  Now I'm finishing nearly all games I play.  I'm not inspiring to be a video game reviewer or writer of any kind, this is all personal gain for me. 

Since I joined Giantbomb, I've posted only 38 fresh reviews.  Dark Savior was the first review I posted here, technically.  I also use an image from Dark Savior as my avatar, just incase you was ever wondering what that masked dude is from.

This is my favorite graph in the bunch:
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This one shows the diversity of review scores made by the top reviewers on this site (in terms of quantity).  5's equal Red and 0's equal Blue.  It seems like to me that only a few people are willing to review bad games, myself included in that one.  The guy next to me only gives good reviews. 

Anyways, if you read or write reader reviews, the article and the link inside of it are both worth checking out.