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Coolest Levels/Missions

These levels/missions are classic even though the games that they belong to may not be. 1 Level per game per franchise.

List items

  • E3M9 - Warrens

    So familiar yet incredibly sinister if you are caught off-guard.

  • Helicopter vs. Drake (on a train)

    It is probably the most iconic sequence in Uncharted 2. Those antagonistic helicopters are at it again and its up to you to avoid the helicopter just long enough to get a few rockets off and escape into a tunnel. 

  • The Sins of The Father

    After a bit of detective work and a very well done Good Cop/Bad Cop interrogation sequence Thane's loyalty and respect is obtained bringing you one step closer to success in your vital mission against the collectors.

  • Ravenholm

    While nobody else wants to go to Ravenholm anymore, I couldn't wait to go back.

  • Three Leaf Clover

    A cinematic bank robbery and daring escape through the streets and subways of Liberty City. Although I didn't finish GTA 4 this mission sticks out as one of my favorites.

  • Part I - Chapter VIII: Ragna Rock

    The gothic nightclub is a fitting venue for a blazing firefight against the crazed gangster Jack Lupino.

  • Recover NOC List

    A prime example of actual espionage done in a video game.

  • Gall Spaceport

    The longest mission in the game. lots of wide open (albeit foggy) spaces. 2 boss battles including a showdown with Boba Fett makes for a great level... also jetpacks.

  • Waterfall

    Running and gunning up a waterfall with bullets flying and awesome music blasting is what Contra is all about.

  • The Moon

    Just for the music.

  • Bowser in the _________

    Creative and abstract level design with more awesome music makes for some of the best moments in the game.

  • Airfield

    This NES exclusive level combined platforming through a large minefield and doding sniper fire into a very memorable level.

  • Facility

    Everyone remembers infiltrating the facility through the vents and sniping the soldiers in the stall below and the other stall to the right shortly before dropping down into the level proper.