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Games Played at PAX East '11

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  • I waited in line to play this game no less than four times. I was also not able to pull off any fatalities while playing. The demo stations were styled like arcade cabinets and had both Tournament edition arcade sticks and xbox 360 controllers available to use. Having never played MK in an arcade before the button layout was quite strange.

  • Finally its SOCOM for your PS3! I earned a trophy playing it and also scored myself another beta key.

  • HD version on a iPad

  • Waited in line 90 minutes to play it and I left the booth a bit disappointed.

  • I can't wait to download this when its released on XBLA

  • : 3D Edition. It was the first 3DS game I played on the show floor. I have never been awed by a character select screen before. I picked Ken and ultimately lost. Putting the special moves on the touch screen gives easy access to moves that require a dragon punch motion which is a bit awkward on the 3DS' slide pad.

  • This was... interesting. It seemed to be no different than the mercenaries mini-game in RE 4 and 5 Making it perfect to play on the go. The first person aiming works pretty well.

  • Kid Icarus was the only game that I played that required a stylus.

  • Dead or alive had a dynamically updating move list on the bottom screen I thought that was really neat. I played several fights and enjoyed playing this one.