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Video Game Items I'm Glad Don't Exist In Real Life

Games are full of awesome things. None of these are awesome.

List items

  • If real life was like this, I'd play games to escape it.

  • The last thing we need is for the world to be run by OCD people.

  • I'd rather cheese grate my nether regions than deal with these again.

  • I'm glad that in real life, everyone follows the rules, looks out for each other, and does their best to ensure a level playing field. Don't they?

  • Griefers love doing everything possible to make life hard to enjoy for the rest of us trying to have a good time. Good thing that kind of behavior stops once people stop gaming...right? Doesn't it?

  • It would suck to get interrupted on the way to eat, or worse, on the way to the bathroom. I'm glad I don't have to fight meaningless enemies that are not relevant to my life's plot just by walking through the lawn.

  • I'm glad the Universe doesn't have these...that we know of.

  • Self explanatory.

  • I don't like bad things to which resistance is futile.

  • ...terrifying.

  • I would want to kill them all.