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You're only 23. Plenty of time to turn things around.
Anyway, I've been there. Sitting around doing nothing. Playing games all day, go to bed, repeat the next day. No confidence at all. I've been pretty far out, and done things I'm not comfortable discussing on the internet. 
Okay, I'm gonna give you my life story from the past 18 months. This is going to be a bit long:

What helped me, was doing something. When you're unemployed in Denmark, you have to do something to get your unemployment check each month. There are basically a few options:

Go on a 6 month job hunting course, which involves sitting in front of a computer for 6 hours a day and write job applications. Not interested.
Go on a city run project, where you can pack toys, sew pillows and other stuff that gets sent to Africa (and also assemble commercial material for a local printing company), make food for the other people on the project, or repair broken furniture that's been on display in stores.
And a few other projects that weren't relevant to me.
I chose the second option. The first couple of months were... difficult. I hated it. No, I loathed it. It was terrible. I chose to sew, because it was nice and easy. Thing is, I'm a geek, I don't sew. I program and design websites. However, after a couple of months, I got used to it. A couple of months after that, the foreman of the sewing room said they couldn't live without me because I was fast and efficient at assembling all the commercials we got in.
While all of this is happening, you also have a conversation with a social worker every 3 months to talk about how things are going, and what your plans are for the future. They really get to know you.
A few months later I got tired of sewing, so I switched to the packing room. Still boring as hell, but at least it was different. They knew I was a geek, so I helped them when their computers went down. I even got to design their new business cards, which gave me a few days off because I worked on them in my spare time.
So, packing toys is not very interesting, but can provide a bit of a challenge, especially when you have 100+ pieces that go into each case. Things are bound to go wrong, and we would occasionally get entire orders back because of errors. Then you have to go through each case, looking for errors. Not fun when you have 300 cases. Anyway, time passed, and I went from being a worker drone to being more influential in the packing room. I was the one who gave people instructions when we got a new order, introduced new people to the packing room, and people would ask me if they had packed the cases correctly. I kept note of our stock, ordering more toys as needed, helping the delivery guy load and unload the truck, and I was also the one who reported to the foreman. I basically ran every part of the packing room, even though it was something I didn't really enjoy.
Now, when you do things well, people tend to notice. We had 3 breaks every day, but people would sometimes go out to stretch their legs or smoke. If the foreman found out, she would raise her voice and tell them to go back to work. When I did it, she just asked me how it was going. When you wanted to use the computers, you had to ask for permission, and have a valid reason to use them. I didn't ask. I just told them I went up to the computers for a while, and the response was always "Sure! You know where they key is". If I had a few sick days, the foreman would almost hug me when I came back, because production in the packing room would go down by about 90% when I wasn't there.
Even though I didn't really want to be there and the pay wasn't worth it, life was kinda good because I did well and got respect for it.
So, in about 10 months I went from being pretty depressed, to actually like getting up in the morning.
Then I moved from the small town I lived in to the city. Rent was too damn high, and to be honest I couldn't really afford living there. When all my bills were paid, I had about $400 left for an entire month. Well, $300, because I spent about $100 on bus fares.
And then I got a job. It's by no means an amazing job. I work in tech support for a small company. But it's a job, and I kinda like it. Longer hours, but double the pay and good coworkers.
The moral is, do something and do it well, even though you may not like it. It may eventually lead to better things. Job interviews are much easier when you have some confidence and respect for yourself, and the interviewer will notice that.
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Definitely the final battle where all the Alliance ships warp in. Extremely impressive.
@eroticfishcake said:

Flirting with Tali aboard the Geth dreadnought with Garrus standing in the background grants some chuckle material.

I had a good laugh at that.
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Outer loop runs once (i == 1) 

Inner loop runs 9 times until j == 9
Outer loop iterates (i++)
Outer loop runs once (i == 2) 

Inner loop runs 9 times until j == 9
etc. until outer loop get past 9.

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There were a few planets with some cool stuff on them, but in general they were pretty barren. Driving the Mako was fun though. Scaling almost vertical mountainsides and trying to do tricks was quite entertaining. And fighting gigantic thresher maws was awesome.

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@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto said:

@ZimboDK: Apparently you've never gamed drunk... it's a whole 'nother world.

Actually, I have. In one of the GB TF2 nights. I was god damn amazing... right up until the point where the alchohol hit too hard. I spent close to an hour running into walls until I went to bed.
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I've had 1 drunken post on GB the same night I wrote some really weird shit on my Facebook page. Generally though, I've learned to avoid going online when I'm drunk.

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Eh, it's rebranding. Was to be expected really. The content is still awesome. However, you can definitely tell that neither Dave or Alexis had a hand in the design. There's no real personality to it anymore.

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It's... white.
Adam's arm over the menu is pixelated as hell, and the more you look at it, the more you realise just how wrong it's positioned. This was either put together really fast, or by an intern with no real design skills.
The logo seems to be more pixelated than it should be. They may have forgotten to align it to the pixel grid in Illustrator. Rookie mistake.
Jamie's beret has no contours, it's just a black blob on his head.
Various elements aren't properly aligned.
Also, some of the elements on the pages seem to load in a weird order and align later than they should. They're using Modernizr, which does strange things to the rendering of pages. When you've been online for 15+ years, you kinda tend to notice small things like that. Every time I load a page it just seems... off.
EDIT: Also, definitely just a reskin. URL structure is exactly the same.

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Never gonna happen. It's too much work for Microsoft when your little brother has erased your gamerscore and they have to get it back for you.

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I agree with the OP. I loved pretty much every part of the game. Bioware went all out on just about everything: huge and impressive cutscenes (really, really impressed by them), great quests, great dialogue and a great story. I expected Shepard to die, but was still a bit disappointed by it. I would've loved to see him settling down with Tali. Also, at times I got tired of killing enemies. I know it's an all out war, but killing wave after wave of the same enemies got tiring after a while. That ending though, it really ruined all of that. The fact that it doesn't really make sense is one of my major gripes with it, but that it was so unfulfilling was even worse. I wanted... I don't know, more. Closure of some kind. I've been with Joker, Tali, Garrus and Liara since the beginning, and seeing them walk out of the Normandy (well, 3 of them) and then rolling the credits just wasn't enough.