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hopefully maybe some good wii games

2009 looks strange i mean on ps3 you got infamous,gow3,uncharted 2,heavy rain,killzone 2,flower,fat princess,pixeljunk dungeon,noby noby boy and trine all are exclusives and look great then on 360 theres stuff like halo 3 ODST,star ocean 4 halo wars and a bunch of xbla games that we dont know about but the wii doesnt have that much besides madworld the conduit,little kings story,deadly creatures,house of the dead:overkill,tenchu(which could be good or bad),sin and punishment 2,punch out, and wii sports resort but nothing that really looks better than smg or mp3 so i guess this is how the year could be
ps3 good
xbox 360 ? looks ok
wii ok
so 2009 looks not as good as 2007 or 2008 but it still could be very good

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