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Been Thinking

I've been thinking alot lately about portable games with everything that is happening with them right now(PSP go, me buying an ipod and the release of some big DS games) and the place they have in the industry. 
Believe it or not most kids now they're first videogame device will be a portable system either it being the price of it or just that you can take it anywhere that is just how it is. 
Now if you really analize that who ever owns the portable market could own the console market because of influence. It happened with me , my first gaming device was a game boy and my first console was a N64 , I was a kid that just knew about pokemon and mario and for that I bought a N64 totally ignoring the Playstation. 
Now 2 of the 3 main companies in the handheld market have consoles, the one that doesn't is apple if they wanted to they could not update the ipod/iphone and make a real competitor to the ds and if it beats the DS then those gamers that start with the ipod/iphone might never evolve(highly unlikely but still possible). One thing that you might be thinking is kids wouldn't know how to download stuff from an ipod but parents 40 and under know how to and guess what kids don't know how to buy games either. Another thing the PSP go seems overpriced compared to other PSP's and the DS but it is well priced compared to its main competition the Ipod.Think about it 200 dollars for a device that plays music movies goes online and plays games with 8GB to one that does exactly the same and has double the bites and better controls. 
So what I'm getting at is that portable are probably going to be the most important part of the industry and you have to be in the market to get to consumers first.