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Opinions on the PS3

Well recently I bought the new PS3 Slim and with it what I believe the best 3 exclusives for the console MGS4,LittleBig Planet and Uncharted. This is what I think of each:  

MGS4: I am at the begining of Act 4 and I think the game is pretty good.It is my first Metal Gear but I downloaded the database and learned about the story and everything. One thing that I find really good about the game is it's versatility in the way that you can play part of the game stealth and part of it run and gun. The cutscenes do lag on a bit, but what keeps interested in them are that they put a little bit of interaction like seeing through snake's point of view or remembering something.Overall it is a fantastic game and pretty well paced can't wait to play until the end 
LittleBig Planet :I find LittleBig Planet to be very touching. I always smile when I play it , which is something I can't say about every game I play. Frustration in that game is almost null and in it when you fail you understand why you fail. The user created levels are a really good feature. I haven't tried to create a level yet but will soon. 
Uncharted: At first I found to be a little too frustrating simply for the fact that enemies appear before you know where cover is but eventually I got used to it. Now the story is fantastic I feel like it is a modern day Indiana Jones and the voice acting coupled with the animations just make it even better.  The platforming is pretty good and I never feel lost. My only complaint would be that I am know at the spot where the waterjets appear and the game freezes on me, it may be because of the new update or because it is a used copy(gamespot didn't have new) but I hope it is not the prior because I really found myself enjoying all parts of the game and hope I can continue it. 
Now that is what I think about these three games so far. What I want to know is what are some good multiplayer games and some good downloadable games ? 
I dont have many friends that own a PS3 so maybe by playing multiplayer games I can get some friends who knows?