Impulsive buys and cheap games.

I realize now how I stupid I am for doing that. First I would rent a game from Blockbuster or Hastings. If I rented the game multiple times or liked it very much. It lead to a purchase. After unwrapping the box, I would play those games for some time. Then for a while it will sit on a shelf and not be played again.

The other half of this list are games that were bought on clearance. For one reason or another. Those games did fly off the shelf and were ticketed at a very low price for immediate sell. I usually I bought them at a Best Buy or Target.

When it came time to buy a new game or I was short on cash. I would bring in those games to trade in. Now that I have gotten older I realize that my impulsive purchases would come back to haunt me. I understand why my bank account is a lot smaller. Why I have so much stuff taking space in my home. This is a list of those games.

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