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Expect less 0

Not much to offer a person here not much at all.  The levels are designed so poorly that you might just wander around the whole level for so long (I really should not say hours our minutes) It is horrible!   The enemies are cheap but they are fun to times. Sometimes they use tactics to take you down and sometimes they just stand there waiting to be killed.  The weapons look and sound great and other times there really cheap like over powered cheap.  You can not skip cut scenes at all ...

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I cant say I love it but I can say I HATE IT!!! 0

Should I even review this crap? I guess I have to.  You die easily mainly because of your low health bar and how odd it is...oh lets not forget the swarms of enemies!!!  The few levels there are really don't differ from one another. They dull and linear just like this game.  The guns you get are weak and sound really crappy. You start out only with a pistol and with a few magazines for it once your out of them you only get one bullet to shoot then you reload and shoot it again.  The game looks t...

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So much or is it to much? NO! 0

I love this game I really do. It has to be one my favorite DS game of all time.  The gameplay is great mainly because the weapons are awesome and the enemies are to.  The weapons are not to powerful but enough to take out an enemy in a sec and they also sound great! There just awesome!!!  The enemies are tough and are very smart they will use tactics to take you down.  15 levels of pure awesomeness each level is different and is filled with surprises and enemies and secrets.  The multiplayer is ...

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to much for to little 0

If for some reason you have played this game you may or may not enjoy it.  The graphics are great if and only if you have a great PC but me I had to turn them down so low you could see the pixels! The game is not short at all the levels are well made and have plenty of secrets to find and enemies will keep you fighting as well. The chapters are long and tough to get used to but if you can endure the length you will get to the interesting parts.  The loading times may take up 2 to 3 minutes but y...

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tough but easy and basic 0

as the player you kill and do quests...should I even go on?  There are few games like this that I dislike sadly this is one of them and I was really hoping this would be good but nope alls I got was a game that was like going to fair and finding nobody there and your like "dang it I traveled 500 miles to get here and its all gone WHY DO YOU HATE ME GOD WHY?!?!?!"  There are good things about this game but am I here to praise it? I guess not or at least not this one.  So there are few races to ch...

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dull? NO horrible? NO NO NO!!! good? YES!!! 0

This game well this game THIS GAME!!! is the best...If you liked wolfenstein then you will love this game  The game starts you out in the past with the Nazis and of course you make your way to the end of the level killing and killing.  The weapons are awesome looking and when you shoot it sounds great as well.  The enemies may be a little dumb but other times they very smart and very tough to kill.  Levels are short and sweet but they keep you going to see what the next level is like  Short revi...

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some new and some just eww 0

Nothing much just a few new levels and guns also a few new enemies but hey it is still fun...we sorta.  IF and I say again IF your a die hard Quake fan (this is a quake 2 mission pack I just mean a series fan) then you will love this game if not then you should be a little cautious.  You start out in lava area so be careful k? and fight your way towards the end of the level as usual  The new guns are a bit dull nothing to new yet nothing to boring which is nice don't you think?   It adds new lev...

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Nazis, dogs, and uh maybe a few bosses! 0

I played this game on steam (though I don't use steam anymore) and I enjoyed it but there is something missing in it yet I am not sure what it is.  If you enjoy shooting things then you will enjoy this game.   You may or may not like how repetitive it can be but if you do get past that then you will find yourself playing for sometime.  Like Doom there are plenty of things to shoot and plenty of keys to find to open a door oh and let us not forget secret areas  5 weapons if you include the knife....

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NO!!! and a maybe to that yes 0

If you like old time shooters then you might like this or not but hey you might right?  many guns and many melee weapons to choose from but so little ammo for the guns.  Zombies and demons and rats like sewer rats tiny sewer zombie rats that are not like holy crap there huge like they should be  If you like hacking off limbs and maybe shoothing them off try this out and you may like what you see.  The game can be confusing and well stupid just stupid like what else could I say? But it is fun and...

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You kill alot...what else am I supposed to say? 0

Fun and repetitive and at times dull  So you like slashing monsters? You like killing (in games)? then try it out  Puzzles are a thing that will frustrate you to the point you exit the game and then later play it some more only to do the same thing.  Like doom but with swords and magic but then again it does have demons so yea is that good or bad?  Bodies will pile and you will smile and then some more piles and a little smile then a frown and then off you go cuz this game boring!   IF and I say...

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turns to slash and smash 0

Fast turn based game and a damn good one if you ask me!  short story is that some elf (you) are going to defeat some bad guy with your magic talking wand an arsenal of other weapons.  Swords, a hammer, a scroll that makes people turn to stone, and much more!  If you love turn based then you will love this! It feels like a game that isnt turn based at all cuz of how fast it goes.  The enemies consist of Orcs of course, bugs, dark elves, and chests that look like regular chest but will try to kill...

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Furries,glitches and lots of blood 0

Purchase with caution please.  If you can stand the bugs and the clipping through stuff deaths then you will love this game  A pure shooter where you shoot  4 legged lions that shoot out fire balls and rams on 2 legs with shot guns. You can tear through a person like there paper even with your pistol!  There is no reloading so just keep shooting and shooting and shooting!!!  The story is a bit odd but I dare not spoil it.  The guns are weak at times so except to die a lot oh and there will be pl...

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A world of mean bots 0

At times I wonder if these kind of games are dead but then I remember they will never die will they?   I am going to try to make this short k?  The story you want to know eh?  Well a guy is stuck in a place where robots exist fat guys wear layers of fur oh and lets not forget a robot that is an A-hole! So you must find a way out if this place and get back to where your place (if this is a 2nd one then I have not played it)  Point and click games are consists of lots of puzzles and and keeping th...

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Arx 0

Short desc of the story is that some guy has lost all memory of who and where he is and supposedly you are "the chosen one" so you got to save what is left of the world or should I say under world cuz most or should I say everybody lives under ground cuz of the sun going out so yea.  Hack, slash, shoot and cast hordes of your enemies that stand in your way of getting done with your quests!  Your able to pretty much kill anybody in the game so you may or may not mess up the story while playing an...

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