Relieving Rockstar's legacy or something

Yeah so I just a ps2. I have one at my parents house but I needed to have one TODAY.

I plan on going through GTA3 - IV before V comes out. If I start now I should have time to become unfamilar with this style of game and have a clean slate for V.

I'll try to record my thoughts in this blog as I play.

First post:

So the copy of GTA3 I bought appears to be to beat up for this ps2 (I got a slim btw). I'll be returning it to gamestop sometime in the next 7 days. I've already ordered a brand new copy of Amazon. From the little I've been able to play so far the game I've been enjoying it. It's so damn RAW. It's a cult classic and it feels like it. The visuals and asthetic the way scenes are cut.

I don't plan on being very articulate with these posts. I'll try to capture some more pure emotions next time.


Let's Talk: An upcoming blog series.

Hello to anyone reading this! Just wanted to announce a little series thing I'm going to be doing on here for the new year. With 'Let's Talk" im going to be discussing my thoughts and feelings on game series (ex: Assassin's creed). I want to talk about the evolution or lack thereof that occurred over their life and other general topics. I plan to go at it in a "what can we learn" sort of approach rather than bringing up good or bad points for no other reason than to say: "this was good/bad".
I'm going to be starting with Assassin's Creed as I have just started Brotherhood and have already had lots of points (mostly positive) jump out at me.
No schedule for this but I figured that annoucing should give me some motivating to go forward with it. Please be looking forward to it!


Deadly Premonition is just amazing

Just finished chapter 2 part 2 and wow, things have gotten pretty serious. I'm continually surprised by just how good this game actually is. There is just something about it that is really clicking with me. Maybe its because my name is also zach, and that adds to the existing craziness of york and zach's real relationship (which I feel is also worthy of a game design oriented discussion). You just don't see games like this now in days, especially at 20 bucks. Really this has to be one of the best deals in games right now. All the thought and detail that has gone into this game makes many 60 dollar products look pretty pathetic. I'm just so happy to have invested in this product.


Thanks GiantBomb GOTY Ceremony!!

I now plan on buying:
Dragon Age: Origins
Batman Arkham Asylum
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
and if I had a ps3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
I had good feelings towards all these games, but after hearing the guys talk about them and seeing the award quicklooks I have a strong desire to play all of them.
Uncharted 2 looks so mind blowingly good in all aspects, really wish I had a ps3 for that one.
The silent hill talk, and especially Brad's reactions to it have really made me eager to play that one.
I've played some batman before and did enjoy it. I was a little hesitant to buy it when it first came out due to relativly linear nature that was being reported about and I decided to go for AC2 instead (not a bad choice). But now that the price is lower on it I feel very good about buying it.
Dragon Age is a weird one, I originally had very little interest. However, I have yet to hear anything but good things and I wouldn't mind have an "epic" rpg to play. I doubt my laptop could play it well and I'd rather not get it for 360. So that might be a game to get whenever I get a desktop pc.


Games I will/might get Q4 09

* = will get
Forza Motorsport 3
Grand Theft aufto 4 : Ballad of gay tony*
Modern Warfare 2
Assassins Creed 2*
 Money is tight this year...Looking more for longevity this time. GTA:TBOGT is a given. Probably AC2 instead of MW2, MW2 would end up being a hype purchase and I know I will just get pissed off at the multiplayer. Forza 3? eh should wait for a price drop on that one, NO reason to get it day. AC2 and GTA:TBOGT it is. That should last me until the harvest of 2010.



I havent had a chance to look at anything yet, but the site definitely seems slow right now. I like the fanboy colors lifted from a certain, its good to know who not to bother with (those filthy nintendo lovin sheep).

Oh wait.....this is GIANT BOMB!!!! TeH GreateST SiTe evar!!1!!11 I'll give it 5 starfs just because its made by former members of the corruption ridden cnet network!! Jeff is the bestest and coolest and and and so on and so forth

But seriously, I expect great things from this site :P