Games I Have Beaten

Yeah, self-explanatory. Also, quite modest.

List items

  • I've beaten both the GBA and PS2 versions.

  • Got me PC gaming.

  • Fun. The last boss took me WAY longer than it should have, though.

  • The campaigns are ridiculously easy.

  • Yeah, also easy.

  • Easy enough, but a few parts were a bit challenging.

  • The original has a few flaws, but is still fantastic.

  • I've played this through 10 times.

  • Was alright.

  • Delicious.

  • Easy, easy, easy.

  • The reason I bought a PS2.

  • Not as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it.

  • Maybe my favorite in the series.

  • Surprisingly fun.

  • Absolutely loved this game.

  • The fifth chapter was kind of dumb.

  • Pretty quick.

  • Ah, the good old days. I've been experiencing a pokemon renaissance as of late.

  • Really really great. Definitely gonna be playing through it again.

  • I beat this one when I was a lot younger.

  • Also beat this when I was younger.

  • I love this game.

  • "What does it mean, I wonder?"

  • Oh man, what an awesome game. Took everything that made the first one great and amped it up. Plus, the ending. Oh god the ending.

  • aw yeah.

  • really liked this game a lot; gonna play it through again on hard/evil. might attempt to platinum.

  • the last arc in this was pretty awesome.

  • last boss was HARD AS FUCK.

  • good game.

  • on ps3.... holy awesome this game. really great, can't wait for the next one.

  • fun little indie game, as are the only pc games that work for me anymore.

  • fun fun fun.

  • this game was alright. gonna get into the good future one day.

  • took me far too long to actually do the main questline.

  • got this game with my ps3. Just finally beat it. Story was good

  • very quick. enjoyable, though. planning on playing through this series

  • I really enjoyed the first 2/3rds of this game, but the last third was a bit weak.

  • Pearl. Got this about two and a half years ago (it's august of 2012 now). Played a bit, picked it back up a year and a half ago. Played to the Elite Four and then spent the next year slowly grinding whilst bored. Finally won. Hooray.

  • Played through this in two days. Fun. The last few chapters got a bit ridiculous, though

  • Just like ME2, this took me about 10 months to actually play through. Ending was serviceable (not going to pretend that it didn't pull at my emotional cords because yeah it totally did). ME2 was better.

  • thought this game was awful and generic at first (for the first hour and a half or so, probably). got a lot better as it went on (using dead lock was interesting and fun). nice mix of half-life 2, bioshock, and a bit of resistance. overall I liked it.

  • so peaceful. will be going back to this often, i think

  • Beat this in March 2013 after beginning it in ~August 2010. Felt pretty good finishing it after all that time. First FF game that I've actually finished, but I've got a few more sitting at the final boss, waiting for about 6 or so more hours of grinding.

  • So many parallels to Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead, but that's not a problem. One of the best stories of any game I've played. Gameplay left a bit to be desired, but was still really pretty cool overall. Good addition to the Bioshock franchise; interested in seeing what else they try to do with it (if anything).

  • I like how Rockstar tells stories. Also I like the whole "definition of terrorism" subplot. Pretty fun, too.

  • beautiful

  • quite good, really. played this over christmas break 2013. story was compelling, gameplay was good.

  • great. engaging. affecting. and most certainly a game.

  • good, if a bit heavy-handed

  • playing through the r and c collection currently. played 1 again, then played this for the first time. it is good, seems like the worst of the original three - still good but pretty transitional. there is a lot to do in it but it gets tedious.

  • started playing this in probably 2011? unsure when exactly. made it torture scene and couldn't do it. wouldn't let myself skip it to get the "bad ending." stepped away from it. long story short, ps3 died, lost my save, but didn't really think about it. enter 2015, when I informally decided during ~march to get into video games again. bought some psn gift cards, picked up four ps2 games on psn (persona 3 and 4, disgaea, odin sphere), and made a list of games i still wanted to buy/play. MGS legacy collection was on that list. enter end of summer 2015. i was working ~50+ hours a week (quite the change for a college student from a middle class family who didn't need to work while going to school in order to eat, etc, but still was taking out massive loans, etc). had not yet picked up the legacy collection. began playing this again on a whim. decided almost immediately to pick up the collection. still couldn't beat the torture scene, but resolved to let myself skip it. one of the best games i've ever played, easily.

  • technically substance (the version in the hd collection). as of now, this is probably tied with mgs1 as my favorite in the series. the beginning of the tanker legitimately gave me chills, and this was me playing it only a day after finishing mgs1 (had had to order the legacy edition in, but luckily it came in quickly, right as i was finishing the first game). imo the story in this game is unparalleled. played through it as i moved into my first real apartment in the city where i go to school (which is different than my hometown, where I had been living in the summer and where i had played mgs1). lots of feelings re: transition, experiencing this game. my roommate began watching my play the series with this game. very fun all around, though arguably the most frustrating gameplay in the series. i love it so much though.

  • undoubtedly a great game, but I basically marathoned it after finishing mgs1 and 2, so some of the "great" things about it didn't really stick out that much. some of the most memorable boss fights in the series, but i don't like this era/storyline as much as the "near-future" stuff in mgs1, 2, and 4. perhaps an unpopular opinion. but young ocelot is great, and i will always remember "the end" and all that that required to complete (think it was a solid 2 hour battle for me).

  • tears were shed. lots of wonderful moments. maybe the gameplay lost something, but the story.... i think they did a good job, from a series perspective, of tying things together. mgs2's story works great as a sequel to 1, and also on it's own. this game's story works as "the end of the metal gear timeline"

  • by this point, had a little bit of mgs fatigue. the story is weaker, the gameplay and graphics are simplified. fultoning is fun, but the "mother base" stuff got tedious for me. and the boss battles were annoying, generally. this game was where i really got into the idea of only being nonlethal, though (late in the series for that to start haha) and maybe that's where some of the frustration comes in. also having to do some much dumb, extra shit to unlock the true ending--that's not stuff that i like very much.

  • played for a class. wrote (and am writing) a major paper on it, hopefully. a lot to talk about. i had been at a protest the night when i was supposed to play this (for the next day), so i had to wake up early to play through it before class. some very unparalleled moments in "gameplay" I think (maybe unparalleled moments in "narrative" is a better word to use).

  • i like the new gameplay. and i feel like i like this story more than peace walker's. obviously very short though, and the "extra" stuff feels very pad-y.

  • whew, played through this in what felt like a whirlwind over the course of december and january. have a lot of thoughts about it--definitely the most playable game in the series. the time required to play through it though (and update your base, and so on and so forth) felt kinda drawn out and unnecessary, though. the twist didn't feel that cheap, ultimately--i thought it worked pretty well into the overall mgs arc of things. need to play through metal gear 1 and 2 now (after i stop by rising for a nice change of pace/the chance to see my favorite baby boy raiden continue to grow as a character). first game beaten of 2016, a year that feels like it will see my largest involvement with videogames in a long time (just ordered a 2ds, excited by the prospect of a new system--would have loved to have gotten a ps4, had i had that kind of money, but college and other things obviously take precedence, but it's nice to purchase something for yrself every now and then). overall: not my favorite in the series, all things considered, but still really really loved it a lot. d-dog and d-horse forever

  • a lot to talk about since the MGSV update. long story short, i'm finishing up some (very old, aka 8 years in the making) loose ends. after MGSV, I tried Rising, and made it to the final boss, but i just couldn't do it. i couldn't beat the president. and i wouldn't allow myself to retry the stage to get more health, etc. so i just let it go. i've been jumping around since then. have been playing a lot of 3ds (mostly just shin megami tensei iv though), have started like 3 different games on ps3. platinumed jak and daxter, and will ideally platinum this one, too. the jak series was really integral in my pre-ps2 "myth making" (AKA i would read amazon reviews for it as i was saving up for my ps2 in 2006. i had quite the list compiled of games i would play. this one always seemed exceptional. i remember getting it when i was in Grand Forks with my dad--me holding the game case in cabela's, remembering the cinematics i'd seen on youtube, walking around, just anticipating). my grandpa had just died a few years beforehand, and my ps2 was set up in his old room (in my grandma's house). lots of memories. read this interesting thing on killscreen about the series recently--a transwoman talking about how this game influenced her childhood. it influenced me a lot, too, though not in the same ways. just things to think about. (also: just finished my junior year of college yesterday. future me will appreciate this dating. probably bought the game for ps2 in 2007 or 2008)

  • who knows. i ran through this really quickly right after school ended, basically. one of my best friends just graduated yesterday and is moving across the country with another close friend in two days. feeling sad, i don't know. this game is pretty good. it kept me hooked and stuff, but i don't know if i really felt like it was "fun" in the same way that uncharted 2 seemed fun. definitely some great setpieces, and the scenery looked really nice (can't even imagine how nice the ps4 "remaster" looks). the story was alright, too--love sully.

  • 2011-2016. fuck.

  • looked up the other playthroughs post-neutral. have a lot of feelings. the genocide one made me feel very depressed. may go back through on "true pacifist" though. very very very very good

  • two things that will stick with me:

    1) heal

    2) how watching the after credits ending felt

  • played through this via the (somewhat awfully formatted) splitscreen co-op mode with my friend Matt. really enjoyable experience, i'd say, though there were plenty of monotonous sections. the good parts were really good, though. working together with another person, talking stuff out, developing a niche that the other person can rely on........ that stuff is really good. this reminds me actually that matt and i played and finished dead nation together quite a few months ago (will make an entry for that immediately after this). we pushed through the last few sections over two days, trying to capitalize on the power that the weight of an impending school year gives.

  • matt and i played through this in fall of 2015. fun game! had played some of it with my friend dan in fall of 2013/spring of 2014 (my first year of college) but we never made it too far. was nice to have something that we could do to bond/work together/etc.

  • CONQUEST: played through this over the course of fall 2016, which was one of the wildest times of my life so far. new relationship, old friendships being very dramatically ended, and, throughout, this game to play in the slivers of time. really enjoyed it, though wow was it difficult sometimes. i love my 3ds.

  • one of my favorite ps2 game collections was a collection of sega genesis titles. unfortunately, i sold most of my ps2 games around the time i started doing more ps3 gaming, and even though that one survived several trips to game stores, it still eventually found its way onto a used games shelf. i purchased sonic's ultimate genesis collection for the ps3 in summer 2016 to try to recreate some of that joy (and also to work towards a platinum). one of the trophies involved completing this game, but i'd like to think that i would have played it regardless. very tough experience, and winning ended up being equal parts luck and skill (especially as the pace picks up on the later levels). finally beat it on january 4th, 2017.

  • when this came out, i was still rocking the gba as many of my friends were getting their DSs. there was a day at school where people could bring any portable gaming console and play it during freetime (and this particular teacher would always let the freetime go on and on and on way beyond the point that any of the kids even wanted it to continue), and all of my friends used pictochat to talk and gossip and do whatever 5th graders do to flirt with each other, and i was just stuck with my old gameboy. purchased this game towards the end of 2015, and played through half of it during that finals season, then gradually kept playing it over the course of the next year. finally finished it on january 8th, 2017, sitting in the living room of my girlfriend's house. interesting decision on their part to lock away so much of the game under secret pathways (which i have yet to figure out, despite them probably being fairly easy to access).

  • played a bit of the ps4 r&c remake and had the urge to platinum the original game (had done some work towards that this summer and just finally put the time in to get it all completed). the original was my first ps2 game, and i spent many hours exploring all of the richly diverse planets that it had to offer. after completing the platinum, i wanted to simulate the experience of playing a new ratchet and clank game--try to capture the feelings of new planets and guns, explore their quirks. i'd had this game lying around for a few years (started playing it in spring 2015 and summer 2016 but never got anywhere), and i felt like i would give it a shot. played through it in 4 days (in mid january 2017). great experience, overall, though not without its problems--technical glitches, heavily repetitive later sections, etc. i still felt some of that classic feeling from the first game, though, the mix of exploration and awe that comes with traveling the universe.

    i just bought the other three ps3 outings that insomniac developed, and i'm looking forward to taking my time with them.

  • short but sweet. i think that i really like the idea that this game represents--the power of the short story. i love short stories, i love novellas, i love quick writing. this is, basically, the gaming equivalent to that. on the one hand, the reliance on assets from ToD makes this feel more like an addendum than anything; on the other hand, though, those elements are basically what, gameplay-wise, justify the R&C name attached to this. the narrative itself wasn't anything spectacular, and the levels weren't super extraordinary (holofar island is a nice, slightly more open world than those presented in ToD), but it still generally worked. i'd like to see more big franchises do this kind of thing. it gets shoved into dlc format a lot, understandably (production time, etc), but hopefully some developers will try this very specific style again soon

  • started this before heading to dc/new york (right after christmas), finished it on february 11th in the morning hours (in the bed of my lover). overall? i think it's better than fates. the plot is a clear step up. i liked a lot of characters from fates, but i think i liked the core characters in this a bit more. the gameplay was more difficult at first (after being used to combo attacks regardless of support level), but the large amounts of extra content/training grounds/grinding spots made the game, as a whole, noticeably easier than fates: conquest. i ended up spending about 2/3 as much time with this one, just because the game was that much easier. 3ds has largely been a fire emblem machine for me, but maybe it won't be for a bit now (until that new one drops in may). considering purchasing a used wii so i can play the gamecube + wii games (i can only dream). donnel forever.

  • so: i've been playing games fairly erratically lately. started ratchet and clank future: a crank in time, played for a while, but had been rushing through those a bit too fast so i put it on hold for a bit. started kingdom hearts 3d, started playing plants vs. zombies garden warfare (ea sale on ps3 led me to making a few arguably rash decisions? that one's turning out pretty good though), need for speed most wanted (trying to write something about this for waypoint), chrono trigger (so good! but i'm playing the ps1 version on my ps3 and the load times for the pause menu and intro battle sequence are so so long), the legend of zelda (just beat the 5th level yesterday), and this. despite having super mario land 2 on this list, i realized recently that i'd never actually put my nose to the grindstone and beat wario. i did that a few weeks ago and picked this up in celebration. very different experience; whereas sml2 is super polished, this game controls fairly poorly. it's also much shorter. played it sporadically over the course of several weeks, including on a flight to san diego for a math education research conference. think i'll someday continue on with the rest of the sml series. luckily, the 3ds virtual console makes that extremely easy

  • okay so: zara and i played through this over the course of 2 days (3/23-3/24). extremely good game; we're going back through to figure out what the "?!" boss is. i'm constantly impressed by how expressive and beautiful and artful these game boy games can be. obviously this came out toward the tail end of the game boy's lifespan, but still, it's an extremely good looking game. animations are sick, abilities are great, the challenge is (generally) pretty easy but it ramps up at the end. z and i took turns playing the levels. i think we're going to investigate more kirby games? other thoughts: maybe a bit repetitive in enemy/miniboss design, but that could have been less noticeable if we hadn't marathoned it. also: time for this was afforded by spring break + my fear of starting substitute teaching, though i have the license and am employed by the local uber of subbing

  • so: can you really "beat" a rougelike game like invisible inc? perhaps. i feel like the "beat" criteria must be tied into beating one of the higher levels of difficulty, maybe. for the context of this list, i'm counting being the game on "beginner" as a measure of success. i'll update this as i play it on higher difficulties. does the story change with different levels of difficulty? it seems possible.

  • this game was on sale for like $4 on the 3ds eshop. extremely addictive and enjoyable. zara and i have both been playing, but she's somewhere near the end of the second mine and says it might be getting too difficult for her. i'm into the length of the game, thought that the story was pretty threadbare but good enough framing for the action (the ending is kind of out of nowhere though). as for life: starting to have some new students at my tutoring job, finished my big sepbt paper that will be used to judge my readiness for student teaching, have been recording stuff for a podcast about science with two of my friends, and starting to look for a new place to live.

  • okay, so it's been a long time since the past addition (currently: june 3, 2017), and there's a lot i have to say:

    1. i've been all over the place lately. i've been playing like 8 different games, and not making significant progress in most of them, and have continued to buy even more games on top of that. in order to shock myself back into making sense, i wrote out a list of all of my (console) games [adding PC into the mix would be too overwhelming]. that's right, i'm doing some backlog cleanup. have been thinking about documenting my backlog cleanup in a way other than just this list--though it's the subject of much chagrin these days, i've been thinking about making a podcast to journal my attempts. we'll see what happens.

    2. speaking of podcasts, i'd been listening to a "this american life" about fermi's paradox recently, and it triggered in me a deep realization about being alive. though i haven't believed in any specific organized religion since i was in 7th grade (and had an "epiphany" during a church service), and had considered the logical conclusions of that, i'd largely come to terms with the limitations of existence... or so i thought. this podcast really, truly made me consider the thought that my consciousness would someday cease to exist (like, forever). i've been having existential panic for a few days over this, and some really good family time has been haunted by it. thankfully, i'm starting to see the value in doing things again. i think i can get back to where i had been before. if existence is finite, shouldn't i make the most of it?

    3. this game was very therapeutic, given the above things. the video game equivalent of "the earth is not a cold dead place"--though arguably cliche, it still hits what its going for extremely well. beautiful.

  • i wish that the ps3 had the same kind of time tracking app that the 3ds has. this has to be one of my most played titles on ps3; from my early days with the system (my first trophies are in 2010!), to playing with nathan (still need to try to beat his endless high score, which is listed under my account, as he did it at my house), to booting it up as quick stress relief, to today (june 9th, 2017) when i finally finished the arcade mode. as it is (essentially) the "campaign" of this game, i'm going to designate it as complete enough to add to this list. feels good.

  • so i really liked this game a lot. picked it up for $2 on a psn sale a few months ago, and i think it helped me realize just how much i adore racing games. i've got a lot of good memories with the burnout series, so this, which felt so much like a solid sequel to that franchise, was just what i needed. maybe i should play more racing games?

    not perfect, by any means, but still very good.

  • listen: i've wanted to play this series since the beginning of my gaming days. i've played and loved the other two major platforming series from the ps2 era, so playing these games now just feels right (and long overdue, but in a really fulfilling and nostalgic way). i'm not buying games at the moment, as a rule, because i want to work through a bit of my backlog, but this trilogy was on sale on the psn store for like... $7? so i had to do it. my fourth platinum, also.

    related news: moved into a new place, have been playing both my switch and my roommates ps4, and yeah, just trying to enjoy life before student teaching this fall.

  • a good dream. played through this one mostly with zara. we're kirby fans now.

    the final boss was pretty tough--a lot harder than dreamland 2's final boss, and longer. it kind of put me off from finishing it--zara couldn't do it, and i had a lot of difficulty. i remember we were putting off doing other work at groundswell when we got to the final boss. i tried and tried, but could not do it. i let it sit for a while and finally finished it on july 18th, 2017, while on that year's Big Road Trip with zara. sitting in a hotel/casino in montana. feels very good. like always, the ending cinematics of games from this era are so, so, so good.

  • a cute, short little experience. disclaimer: i did not unlock/complete all of the EX levels. though i found the game to be generally enjoyable, i do think that the central mechanic is a bit weak. i'm not trying to delve deeper into this one than i have, i suppose. also disappointing that the framerate on the original 3ds takes some severe hits when there are a lot of enemies of screen, especially considering it's meant to be a fast-paced, high-score game.

    i'm a week out from student teaching. lots of feelings about this! splatoon 2 is keeping me grounded.

  • so, what can i say? a bit about my botw story:

    did three of the divine beasts (not the desert one, though) before tackling ganon, who i took down on the first attempt. did have to look up how to do a perfect parry, as i had never done it in my ~45 hours with the game. i really enjoyed my time in this world, though i was kind of drawn away once splatoon 2 came out. today, september 4th, i went back in and did the run. i bought the season pass and such, so i'm going to be returning to the game sooner or later to tie up some side quests, etc. also: i love mipha!!!

    other news: twin peaks ended last night. i've run the gamut of emotions in the hours since then, but think i'm coming out alright. it's really hard, it's really obtuse, but i think i'm still a fan.

  • "deluxe"

    i got gold mario, and have put around 40 hours into this with my girlfriend. that fits the metric for completed, i think

    really reminded me of some good times from the past, playing 64 with my sister when we were allowed to rent one from premiere video, playing wii with my good old friend al, etc. i'm teaching high school now and feel myself caught up in old, teenager feelings again. wonder if they'll ever really pass by?

    metal mario forever.

  • i've played this for over 70 hours, but i just finally beat the 5ish hour long single player component. it was really good! i just never felt like diving deep into it when the multiplayer was so good.

    (best multiplayer game i've played in........ a long time)

  • main story done in three days, immediately following the completion of my edTPA.

    student teaching is done soon, and i'm sad about saying goodbye to all of my kids

    but at least mario was pure fun (with much more fun to be had, too)

  • an interesting little thing, played while zara was playing mario odyssey beside me. first few reflections really caught me off guard. not a lot of thoughts about it. interesting way to tell a story, though, constructed as ye go.

  • games that made you cry in 2017

    tora for best new character

    i love this game a lot. honestly... an all time great?

    my grandpa turned 89 today. thank you everyone


    a whole year of playing it on and off, and to finally beat that last boss.... i feel so accomplished! one of my favorite games of this style. i love the way that the offensive ability is so integrated into the way movement works. a true joy, though frustrating at times, but always a fair type of frustrating. bless. happy new year's eve, folks

  • first game completed in 2018.

    the best fire emblem. are they gonna do better than this, ever? only time may tell. only negative was some sorta bad voiceover at some important story moments.

    games that made you cry in 2018?

  • jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    this was $2 on the psn store, and it sorta hit me harder than i expected? it's been a minute since i've played through a game like this, so that probably has more to do with it than anything else. also going to platinum it, i think

    feeling a bit stagnant recently. haven't subbed enough because it's kind of an anxiety-producing job. i'm trying to be better about it, though. the month and a half without zara comes to a close this wednesday, so i'm very glad for that.

    tho i've made a few purchases recently (helped bryce out with monster hunter world, got this and a couple other sale games), i'm feeling excited about cleaning out my backlog. started up a bunch of ps1 games recently and feel sorta of comforted by their aesthetic. most of those are jrpgs though so don't expect to see them reflected here for a bit.

  • started this in 2007. probably got to kefka's tower in 2008, but didn't want to do the grinding. here i am, february 11th, 2018, happy to report that kefka has been annihilated.

    best FF? it's gonna be hard to top, i think.

    (awful 2007 me named the yeti "Lulz"...........)

  • solid game. some emotional moments, but i also thought it suffered a bit from tonal whiplash, made worse by the occasionally unaligned text-choices and resulting dialogue. still: would recommend to most folks, i think

  • it's funny: i played this on ps2 for a brief period of time back in the day. i think it just got too difficult for me too quickly back then, and i probably stopped at mission 3 or 4 (i also had like.... over 50 ps2 games, and this list is evidence that i finished but a few of them). i was actually surprised how easy i found most of it now (played the ps3 HD version).

    i picked the collection up around a year ago during a deep sale, but what finally got me to play this one was the recent release of bayonetta 1 + 2 on the switch. i don't have much game money right now, so i figured i'd go back and cover one of the classics first.

    i'm also playing through resident evil 2 right now, and the remnants of resident evil are very clear in this game. it's charming partially because of that connection, i think. good game, still holds up fairly well.

  • solid game; interesting ideas throughout.

    currently working at my first long term subbing job. feel, today, that i'm finally getting it.

  • main campaign. strangely sentimental? maybe it comes with the territory.

    8 DAYS LATE EDIT: beat plague knight. better than the main? absolutely. also: one year older than i was when i beat the main campaign. hard to believe

    well worth the purchase

  • listen: i have been playing a lot of things, though this list may not make that seem so. this one, for instance, i kinda just ended up picking up and playing through (relatively) quickly, in two chunks that just so happened to be a month or so apart. it was a good game--definitely one of the most driving fps games i've ever played, one where the violence felt more justified, etc etc etc. story was far from perfect, of course, but it's still good. also picked up killzone 3 around the same time as this to get in on the last days of that online server, but only found like... 3 online matches in that. campaign for that one is not very good. maybe it'll end up on this list someday but i'm already kind of loling at the prospect of that as i type this.

    interviewing for teaching jobs right now. that's the big life update here. moved in with my partner, also

  • good stuff. think overall i enjoyed the other two campaigns more (this one also just took me a lot longer to get through, mostly because i was a little shovel knighted out) but it's still really good.

  • i remember playing this for the first time when i was younger. total revolution in gaming for me. rented it from premiere video (r.i.p.).

    finally picked it up again. still seriously good

  • started playing this last summer, while I was working at a ymca day camp. remember playing the first level at zara's house in her roommate's bed, due to the AC unit that was only in that room. the first few sections were underwhelming, but i'm happy to say that the last couple sections gave a decent challenge, and the final boss was great! a good kirby game. especially good in contrast to star allies which is just sort of weak.