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GB RPG Updates.

Alrighty. Its been a while since I posted any progress on the Giantbomb RPG. And with good reason.

First, I just didn't work on it at all. Second, a lot of what I was doing with the sprites I finished (again, thanks buzz_klik) was being really janky (mostly clipping on the environments i was making). And third, no real motivation to actually go all the way with it.

Fortunately, I now have all the things I need to do a huge project, mostly time. I have a good to-do list of things that will get me on the right track. But the thing is, I need to come up with an overall premise in order to truely do anything. There were a lot of decent ideas in my previous blog, but I need something solid enough to really stick with for the beginning stages of planning and whatnot.

So I call on you, Giantbomb, for help.


Giantbomb RPG: Idea Discussion

Well, since this project is going to happen, I might as well post some ideas and hope for some positive feedback. 
First: thank you buzz_klik for the original sprites, they rule.
The one thing I'm trying to nail down is the class names for Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, and Brad. 
Another thing is the story. I mean, it's freakin Giantbomb, what could it possibly be about? 
At this stage, I'm just trying to get the sprites completed and tack down some basics of the game (like items).  Next up will be locations and enemies. I'm not too sure where that's gonna go, but I'm all ears. 
So please, if you've got any ideas or constructive criticisms, post 'em.


The Losers

The Losers was a pretty good movie.  It captured the essence of all the characters very well, especially Jensen.  Best part of the movie: Chris Evans singing Journey