Community Spotlight - 05/19/2011

Many Thanks to User FoxxFireArt for the Banner!
Many Thanks to User FoxxFireArt for the Banner!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! For those interested to read up on some information about the various interns that Giant Bomb is bringing into their premises check out Ethan's blog about the new blood. If any of you are even more interested about what it is like being an intern for Whiskey Media then check out intern Undeadpool's blog about his first month. By hook and by crook the Giant bomb Community barely was able to accomplish the Limited Edtion Brink Quest Set for bonus EXP for 3,000 fastidious users. There are now TWO user created Giant Bomb Windows Phone 7 apps that serve different needs for all of the Giant Bomb users with Windows Phone 7. Here's a thread for one of the apps. Audio/Video man Drew recently celebrated his birthday! Tell him happy birthday if you can!

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  • Vito's Game Giveaway #18! Two More Games + Bonus Portal Contest! - Due Saturday, May 21st - Try to win FREE GAMES HERE!

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Author's Note: Did I miss something or have you created something awesome yourself? Drop a comment on this blog and give yourself the proper amount of attention you deserve! That and I will remember to showcase it for next week.