The Community Spotlight - 01/04/2013


Special Thanks to BBAlpert for Creating LucasArt Sprite Versions of the Staff! 
Special Thanks to BBAlpert for Creating LucasArt Sprite Versions of the Staff! 

 Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and the first Spotlight for 2013! It's a new year and hopefully the latest wave of staff content has you excited to see what is in-store for the future. Also Game of the Year stuff is done so let's talk about the now! The surprise staff of the week was Alex who debuted his first Encyclopedia Bombastica as well as his top ten movies of the year. If you have a Twitter account and always wanted to follow the lead devloper of Giant Bomb, who surprisingly enough is NOT Dave Snider, check out @dannichi

Community Events and Game Nights

  • Official Dota 2 Key Giveaway Thread - Post your DOTA 2 Key(s) to Giveaway Over Here!
  • The Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub Serious Sam 3 Game Night - Set for Saturday Night at 10pm GMT - Get More Details on the Event Over Here!
  • GB Anarchy Reigns Tournament - Set for January 14th - Sign Up and Discuss the Event Over Here!
  • Gerstmas 2013 - Start the Year on a Good Foot and Join the Community Game Giveaway Event over Here!

Wonderful Wikis 

Have you every heard of Paper Galaxy, Chronovolt, or Anarchy Reigns until now? Well I didn't  and these wikis are all surprisingly well done and worth a look.  

Best of Blog

The big winner this week was STATS! Marino hit it up with a double whammy this week by giving the year end stats of the Giant Bomb community's Xbox 360 achievements as well as the end of the month community stats. Unfortunately this month will mark the final edition of the data dump as the community activity metrics are being dropped with the site redesign. However that's not all, Cincaid took the time to provide all of the stats based on the Quick Looks on the site and dantey tabulated the staff Game of the Year rankings. Also embarking on an ambitious end of the year project was ZanzibarBreeze who has an 8 hour long MP3 of the best moments of the Giant Bombcast from 2012. Mento sets himself up for failure with his 2013 gaming resolution blog and ANt610 discusses why he enjoys having a significant gaming backlog. thabigred explains why he wasn't entirely impressed by Analog A Hate Story, simultaneously Sarumarine pontificated on why Borderlands 2 didn't make his Game of the Year list despite having played a significant portion of the game. Gamer_152 listed the major events and controversies of 2012, and to be expected there are plenty. Finally we have what I suspect will be the last batch of Game of the Year stuff until December. 

Fantastic Forums

With the year over the final results of ThatFrood's Community Game of the Year project are in! See which games made the top ten or twenty on the spreadsheet. BBAlpert has created sprite versions of the staff as if they were in a LucasArt adventure game. Finally debate and discuss the game that got cut from your GOTY list, appreciation of jam, and the validity of realistic water physics. 

Lovable Lists

Lists are lists are lists. Thiago123, MajorMitch, and amlabella will be the users with the last Game of the Year lists on the Community Spotlight until December. Finally listman Mento provides a tabulation of every game he played in 2012 as well as a brief summary of his thoughts on them. 

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts