The Community Spotlight - 02/02/2012

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! With this week coming to a close I see you have all survived a complete week without the Giant Bomb Chrono Trigger Endurance Run. Anyways let's get on with site announcements. If you had any issues with creating or adding games to user created lists earlier this week rest assured the issue has been fixed. A Giant Bomb pull over black hoodie is available to purchase at the Whiskey Media Store. Jeff has reset the Trackmania 2 server tracks so if you feel like there omissions in the track selection comment over here. A new Jeff fact is that he is now Reddit famous...which is a lesser form of internet famous.   Finally as always remember to check out the Bomb Shelter  and to email to get content on the "Rad Stuff" tab on the front page of Giant Bomb. With that I implore you to watch this video and see how many time Ryan has said "Uh" in the last week on Giant Bomb videos:


Community Events

  • TNT Promo Banner Creation Thread - Get Your Photoshop Skills on the Front Page of Giant Bomb by Heading Over Here!
  • Official Soulcalibur V Live Stream Thread - See How the Best of the Best Are Playing Over Here!
  • Quarrel Gamertag Sharing Thread - Skip the A.I. and Hook Up With Fellow Users Over Here!

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Author's Note:  Did you find or create any showcase worthy content on Giant Bomb be it related to the wiki or forums? Well then drop a comment on this here feature with a link to anything you have created or found and I promise to showcase it next week. Also to stay up on the best of the best of the Giant Bomb Community follow me on Twitter    @GiantBombSquad