The Community Spotlight - 03/17/2011

   Special Thanks to ME!!!! For the Banner This Week!
 Special Thanks to ME!!!! For the Banner This Week!
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! Well it's St. Patrick's Day and you know what that means. It's either a religious monet where you and your community congregate at your nearest chapel or you get stone cold drunk. If you want to discuss Irish themed games then well you have a thread to meet those needs. Check out this awesome user created MK9 themed Giant Bomb logo. There's fresh batch of wiki tasks that are still open to everyone to get some easy points for. Other than that the staff is still recuperating from their PAX ordeal/fiasco. A lot of crazy stuff happened at's proof if you needed any:

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Wonderful Wikis

League of Legends and Pokemon are the stand outs for this week. League of Legends being one of the most detailed wikis on the entire sites. The Enix Corporation wiki tells an interesting tale of corporate history. Final Fantasy XII was recently Wikipedia's Featured Article of the Day so Giant Bomb should showcase their own entry to toot! Also the weakling Sean continues the theme of Street Fighter characters having awesome wiki entries.

User Reviews


Lovable Lists

LordAndrew seems like the new target of the phantom list down voter. Help him out by checking out and up voting any lists you find entertaining or interesting. 

Best of Blogs/Fantastic Forums

PAx East is the big theme for this week with many users describing their experiences and encounters with the Giant Bomb staff. People are still musing about Dragon Age II and are still split about the game's new direction. The Persona Re-Endurance Run continues. Mento contemplates about genre bending dungeon crawlers and GlenTennis tells you why Goemon is the best N64 game ever made. I

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