The Community Spotlight - 04/06/2012


Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! You may or may not have noticed that things have been a little on the quiet side on the site. Between setting up a studio to record Quick Looks and preparing for PAX this weekend the staff have been strapped for time. Unfortunately the PAX East 2012 panel will not be livestreamed. Also if you are going to PAX East 2012 this week please stay safe and have as much fun as possible! You might find yourself laughing if you were to try and go to now. Also Rorie is leaving Screened and is moving on to find work outside of both BermanBraun and CBSi, so please wish him the best of luck if you can. Finally here's the latest work of AMAZING art by Turbo_Toaster:

Community Activities

Luchadeer Commands You To Comment on This Spotlight!
Luchadeer Commands You To Comment on This Spotlight!
  • Giant Bomb Planet Earth Meet-Up Initiative! Set Up or Join Meet-ups with Users Over Here!
  • Scottish Giant Bomb Meet Up! If Your Scottish and Interesting in Meeting Fellow Users Head on Over Here!
  • PAX East 2012 Discussion Thread! If You Are There Discuss Things Here!

Wonderful Wikis

The wiki article for Xenoblade Chronicles is the true highlight for this week with an enormity of detail and a much anticipated US release. Diabolical Pitch is here for having a surprisingly good amount of detail considering what the game is. With the announcement of a Double Dragon reboot check out the evolution and progression of the franchise on Giant bomb's franchise page. Finally as I know many of you enjoyed latest Breaking Brad check out the Doom II wiki page as a result.

Best of Blogs

GB user Sarumarine found himself disappointed with Rhythm Heaven for the DS after playing with Rhythm Heaven Fever. User Egge talks about why you should be excited for the latest version of Age of Fear. User AdzPearson chronicles his experiences with the JRPG genre. User dankempster has chronicled the latest entry in his endurance run with Final Fantasy VII and talks about try to go back to the original GTA game. Apathylad talks about "playing" Superman 64 and has written a "review" for the game. GB user BlaineBlaine has decided to dabble in the dark arts known as Japanese Xbox Live Indie games. User Jan has created a Master Chief dubstep and dance video. Mento and Sparky_Buzzsaw look back at some of their favorite JRPGs. Mods MattyFTM and Gamer_152 talk about Mass Effect. Finally Video_Game_King talks about his recently played games and ahoodedfigure blogs about's recent news.

Lovable Lists

GB user mustachioeugene has created a list that points out the hilarity of some of the database's default images, and Mento has finally created a list with a funny title that examines video game princesses that are trying to hide their princess status.

Great Guides

Giant Bomb user StarFoxA has created a user directory to any and all SNES games that have blank or empty wiki pages that users should feel free to fill in.

Useful User Reviews

Author's Note: Did you find or create any showcase worthy content on Giant Bomb be it related to the wiki or forums? Well then drop a comment on this here feature with a link to anything you have created or found and I promise to showcase it next week. Also to stay up on the best of the best of the Giant Bomb Community follow me on Twitter @GiantBombSquad