The Community Spotlight - 05/10/2013

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community, and I'm your host as always! It's a slow week in terms of games but there's plenty of video content to enjoy this week. You got three Bombasticas, plenty of Quick Looks, Icelandic text and video content, and plenty of other great stuff to mull over. That said if you were on the site at any point earlier in the week you may have had issues with editing the wiki or posting on the site. Following that there were issues with the moderation tools that involved users getting necessarily banned without warning. If you ever have these issues never hesitate to attempt to contact @rorie our new Community Manager, he'll get to the bottom of anything now. At least that's what I have been told they are paying for...jeez I hope they are paying him. Speaking of Rorie, he may be on the Guinness Book of World Records as being the first person to write a blog about unemployment with pictures of puppies in it. Also great work Giant Bomb Community in your input on where the Mega Man series should go next:


Community Activities

  • Persona 4 Arena Xbox/PS3 Friends list (Europe Edition) - Join the Community European Friendlist Over Here!
  • Monaco XBLA Co-Op List - Play Monaco via XBLA With Other Users By Heading Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

It was a week of almost nothing in terms video games...So for the wonderful wikis let's look at the two of the three subjects of Bombasticas this week! So if you want to learn more about Life Force or Burnout 2 check out our wiki pages for those games! Also, soem great work was recently done on the wiki page for Mini Motor Racing EVO.

Best of Blogs

Mento is a blogging machine this week as he continues his Mento May Madness providing a blog about a different game every day. Check them all out if you have the time. However that not the only notable blogging series this week. Dankempster has started his journey through every single Metal Gear game with Metal Gear on the NES. RJPelonia has started a blog series examining games of this generation that were cancelled and begins with Eyedentify. Terramantis contemplates on what the next big art style will be for the next generation by examining the history of art. Video_Game_King finally got around to Psychonauts and talks about that and Psycho Fox, and has an update on his screenshot journey through Persona 3. Euphorio is a long standing League of Legends player and talks about how Dota 2 is different and similar to LoL. Atmonauti details why he's started to warm up to Defiance after playing it for an entire month now. Demoskinos rediscovered why Dragon's Dogma was a great game with the release of Dark Arisen. Colorwind has already decided what he thinks his GoTY list will be and Daneian play through Mother 3 with the announcement of Earthbound coming to the WiiU. GERALTITUDE has broken down why you should be incredibly skeptical about giving Dennis Dyack your money and SPENCE_5060 gives you an update on the games he played this month. Finally thatpinguino wrote an essay about Telltale's The Walking Dead that he has re-posted for you to read over and comment on.

Fantastic Forums

The "Can't Remember the Name of This Game" Thread is back in action! If there are any games that you have on the tip of your mind, but have forgotten the name to head on over there! Do you have a favorite quote from Jeff? If so share it on the Jeff Quote thread. Do you have any games you plan on completing during the summer, dare I say Summer game jams? Talk about them on the summer gaming discussion thread. Finally are there any games you wished were not on your achievement history? Explain which games you could delete from your history forever on the thread discussing your most regrettable game achievement.

Lovable Lists

Probablytuna is playing his first Fire Emblem game with Awakening, and given you a list of his casualty list as he progresses through the game, so read all about the his mistakes on his list! Angouri finally bought a PlayStation Vita and lists the games he has played on it.

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