The Community Spotlight - 08/09/2013

Special Thanks to Hamst3r for the Banner! (Which you can Also See on the YouTube Channel)
Special Thanks to Hamst3r for the Banner! (Which you can Also See on the YouTube Channel)

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am your host as always. As some of you may be aware there have been a couple of annoying bugs on the site. All bugs and issues with being unable to delete blogs from the site. Issues with the "Recent Topics" on the front page have recently been fixed. Issues with the notification system are still being worked on and will be addressed. If you are still getting e-mails for notifications feel free to give @rorie a yelp. On a happier note this Monday will feature the first edition of the Giant Bomb Wrestling podcast, the Powerbombcast, which is planned on being a monthly podcast.

Clip of the Week

Today we have Jeff threatening Alex with an energy drink which you can view on Vine.

Community Activities

  • Giant Bomb iRacing Racing League - Join Other Users in iRacing Over Here!
  • Warframe Community Event Operation Arid Fear Event - Help the Heavy Industries Clan Over Here!
  • Dota 2 Noob Guild - Play Dota 2 with Other Users That are New to it Over Here!
  • Official Scrolls Friends Thread - Post Your Scrolls Names Over Here!
  • Fantasy Football (Soccer) 2013/2014 Premier League - Join the Fantasy League Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis

Surprise! The wiki page for EverQuest Next is absurdly detailed! I wonder which maniac is responsible for that? Paper's Please is the sleeper hit of the week and you can learn more about it on the wiki. The character pages for Ness's Mom and Dad didn't exist until this week, and the character page for Faldio Landzaat is new and improved. Finally we have two new interesting wiki pages: "Echolocation," and "Hide In a Container to Get Past Security."

Best of Blogs

SaltyBet has taken the site, and the community, by storm! Tycobb wants your help in creating Google Doc stats sheets for the insanity. Phatmac explains why he has had a great time betting money of AI controlled Mugen characters. Mento, on top of the games he actually played, dabbled in the dark arts known as SaltyBet. That didn't stop Video_Game_King and GrantHeaslip from giving a weekly update on what they have been doing. Music maestro Hamst3r has a song and banner to share to you. PsEG is now at day 76 in playing iRacing. Halomaste19 questions whether or not we can, or should criticize old games. Buckybit completes his three week journey to download 50 games to his Linux computer. tidel discusses the art of Dragon's Crown from the perspective of a gay male. MooseyMcMan went back and played Super Mario RPG, whereas Alaska_Gamer directed his attention to Devil May Cry IV and Shin Megami Tensei IV. blueneurosis has finally completed Dark Souls and shares his postmortem thoughts. CharlesAlanRatliff has a blog and video of him playing the Oculus Rift. Finally MajorMitch has gotten back to blogging with a monthly update and BlackLagoon has an annotated list of all of the games coming out for the Vita.

Fantastic Forums

If you haven't already seen the Ryan Davis Community Art Memorial, then have at it. It's the most comprehensive archive of all of the art made in honor of the late Ryan Davis. Also in tribute to Ryan is the This Year's Ryan Davis Summer Jam Memorial. Altairre has already created the entire Giant Bomb staff using the character creator in Saints Row IV. brianfolchetti has his idea of the tier one t-shirt reward for backers of Vinny's magnet based arcade cabinet moving Kickstarter. Finally we have discussion threads for Tales of Xillia and the insanity that is SaltyBet.

Lovable Lists

The list master returns! Mento has a list of the best and prominent waste disposal professionals, aka garbageman/gentlewomen in video games.

Useful User Reviews

User Created Podcasts