The Community Spotlight - 09/22/2011

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Hello and welcome to the latest and greatest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! As to be expected let's kick this week's Spotlight off with a handful of important site announcements. If you were wondering what filming the Big Live Live Show Live was like check out Drew Scanlon's latest blog. Engineer Mike gives you an update about an update for the troublesome image uploader on Giant Bomb. Next we have the most substantial news in a while. Top Man Ethan has plans to roll out mini Wikia Websites using Whiskey Media tech for individual Game Franchises or major video game series. If you have any games that would fit having such sites or would like to manage/moderate one join Google+ and let out a yelp over here. Finally always remember to check out the Giant Bomb YouTube page for the best and latest in intern content as well as the Bomb Shelter for the best the Giant Bomb Community has to offer.

Nobel Notables

  • Giant Bomb Gears of War 3 Community Thread - Find Games with Fellow Users Over HERE!

  • Giant Bomb NHL 12 EASHL Xbox 360 Team - Try to Join the Team By Heading Over HERE!

  • Giant Bomb Trackmania 2 Community Server - Race With Fellow Users Over HERE!

  • The (Un)Official Giant Bomb League of Legends Players' Database - Drop Your Gamertag HERE!

  • Burnout CRASH PSN Autolog Thread - Add More Names to your Autolog by Heading Over HERE!

Wonderful Wikis

Fantastic Forums/Best of Blogs

Lovable Lists

User Reviews

User Created Podcasts

Author's Note: Did you find or create any showcase worthy content on Giant Bomb be it related to the wiki or forums? Well then drop a comment on this here feature with a link to anything you have created or found and I promise to showcase it next week. Also to stay up on the best of the best of the Giant Bomb Community follow me on Twitter @GiantBombSquad