The Community Spotlight 11/30/2012

Alex Navarro and His Girlfriend Approve of This Week's Community Spotlight!
Alex Navarro and His Girlfriend Approve of This Week's Community Spotlight!
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! The big announcement this week has to do with user created guides. As Dave has explained over here the guide system is being scrapped which unfortunately means that if you have a published guide on the site it will be deleted unless you follow the steps that Dave indicated on his announcement thread. In the event that you have a guide for a particular game that needs to be combined with another, as the guide re-design will only accept one guide per game, guide please contact a moderator and they will combine multiple guides into a single archive. In some more lighthearted news Jeff has restarted his Tumblr account and it will function as his new Formspring account in that you can ask him random and hilarious questions whenever you feel like it. One of you apparently sent the Giant Bomb staff a creepy letter featuring a "catty" version of Brad Muir. Finally check out Giant Bomb user Fobwashed's fantastic Miiverse fan art of the Giant Bomb crew: 
   Oh and it Was My Birthday This Friday, Here's to Another Year on Giant Bomb!   
   Oh and it Was My Birthday This Friday, Here's to Another Year on Giant Bomb!   

Community Activities & Game Nights 

  •  Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena PS3 League - Season One Signs - Sign Up for or Get the Details on the Next Tournament Over Here!
  • Contribute to the Giant Bomb Winter Game Giveaway - Gerstmas 2013 - Pledge Games to Giveaway to Other Community Members Over Here!
  • Epic Klepek Culinary Challenge! - Ends December 10th - Win a Free Membership Over Here!
  • Hitman: Absolution Contract Mode Contract Trading Thread - Share Your Contracts With Other Users Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis 

Do you know anything about Shin Megami Tensei games, because I sure as hell don't! Lame joking aside check out the new and improved wiki pages for Persona 4: Golden, Miasmata, and (oh boy this title) Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! to read almost everything related to those games. Our odd ball concept page of the week is for Gender Recasting. Our classic games are for Sonic Fighters and Baldur's Gate, both of which have gotten digital re-releases this week. 

Best of Blogs  

Mento themed his blog this week by examining games which feature pirates as well as ninjas successfully and non-successfully. Marino fell down the dark rabbit hole of restarting his blog series about his adventures in EverQuest with a blog that discusses his struggles with snake people. After many months of trying I_smell finally got his indie game No Time to Explain on Steam, where as Hamst3r bought the SEGA Mega and Genesis Classic Collection and is doing a wonderful Let's Play video series of the various games in the pack. Video_Game_King wrote up a blog explaining his disappointment with The Last Story as well as his surprise enjoyment of Jelly Boy. MooseyMcMan and RedCream both finished the fifth episode of The Walking Dead and share their thoughts about the game as well as other notable releases. D_Bones continues to blog about the various games he played this year leading up to the GOTY deliberations with his opinions about Yakuza 4 and Infamous Festival of Blood. Speaking of GOTY deliberations Colourful_Hippie has preemptively created his Top ten Games of the Year. Let's not forget that the Wii U was launched this week and in case you have not bought the platform yet check out Dalai's and MajorMitch's blogs about how they feel about the platform after playing around with it for a week now. Finally, MMMman got around to playing Silent Hill: Revelation and discusses how it marks the ongoing problems facing the series whereas F1000003 continues his quest to try and play all of the games. 

Fantastic Forums 

SirOptimusPrime has created a forum post detailing why you should play a modded version of Baldur's Gate as opposed to playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. SpkieDelight create a short but enjoyable animated Bombcast clip worth checking out and commenting on as he plans to make more in the future. If you are playing Persona 4: Golden user selfconfessedsynic has you covered with all of the classroom questions and test answers for the U.S. version. If you are playing or have completed Mass Effect3's Omega DLC discuss your impressions or thoughts on the discussion thread for the DLC. Finally, sneezing..who would have thought that it could be such a contentious issue, right? However, apparently some of you are rude savages that do not excuse yourselves when spreading your nose boogers in someone else's abode! Savages the whole lot of you! 

Useful User Reviews 

User Created Podcasts