The Community Spotlight - 12/07/2012

 Many Thanks to deathstroke75 for the Banner This Week!
 Many Thanks to deathstroke75 for the Banner This Week!
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! This week the staff are getting prepared for Game of the Year articles and videos for your enjoyment, but the site keep rolling on. On a related note our sister site Comic Vine celebrated its sixth anniversary this week! Whiskey Media and Giant Bomb for that matter came to be thanks to the dedication of Dave Snider and Ethan Lance so many years ago. While the TNT banner making community always tends to provide great content, this week deathstroke75 really hit it out of the park with his banners this week. Also for some reason we had not one, but two examples of odd Brad Muir fan art on the site pop up this week. Prepared to be disturbed by "Muir Cat," if you plan on checking out that second link. Finally the true highlight for this entire week comes from DrWhat who created a fake opening credit video as if Giant Bomb were a 1980s T.V. show: 

Community Activities & Game Nights

  • Humble Bundle Extra Key Sharing Thread - If You Have Any THQ or Other Humble Bundle Game Keys Post Them Here!
  • Christmas Hat Avatar Thread - Change You Avatar to Have a Christmas Hat Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis 

Far Cry 3 is the big release this week...and it's the last major video game release for a while. If you haven't gotten your hands on the game check out it's fairly detailed wiki page to get an idea about what it's all about. Forge and Mutant Mudds are games that were released this week and if you have no idea what they're about the Giant Bomb wiki pages for them have you covered. I created a concept page titled "Secretly a Robot," and finally with all this talk about human breast milk check out the Milk object page to clean your palate as well as your soul. 

Best of Blogs 

It's a new month, and like clockwork moderator Marino has all of the statistics on the community worth checking on his Data Dump blog. GoranP is creating a journal blog series detailing all of the crazy and fun adventures he's having in Far Cry 3, while TrashMustache pontificated on his favorite video game soundtracks. Mento has started a major blog undertaking where he plans to play through various Desura indie games, whereas D_Bones continues to detail the notable games from his backlog that he managed to complete this year. FLStyle responded to the news that Capcom had given IGN's IGN Pro League its blessing to use its games, whereas MMMman examined the use of inappropriate language in all video game communities. Blogging menace Video_Game_King strikes again this week with a blog detailing his thoughts on Tecmo's Deception and Haunting Starring Polterguy. CharlesAlanRatliff gives you an image blog about the hilarity that ensued on Shuhei Yoshida's Wii U profile. ArbitraryWater wrote an epic piece on The Walking Dead and Dishonored, simultaneously MajorMitch provides his final thoughts on The Walking Dead on his blog this week. BlackLagoon gives you a detailed lineup of all the games coming for the PlayStation Vita, and moderator Gamer_152 wrote a massive dissertation about the good parts of Halo 4's story. Finally a lot of users are getting into the GOTY spirit this week with Colourful_Hippie discussing the surprisingly good games this year, and BitterAlmond's latest entry on why Hotline Miami is a masterpiece.  

Fantastic Forums

Far Cry 3 didn't just invade everyone's home, but it also invaded the forums with various topics related towards giving you and opportunity to discuss as well as detail your thoughts and adventures related to the game.  BRYN created the Giant Bomb staff as well as Will Smith and Norman Chan of Tested in Scribblenauts Unlimited, whereas TheMightySkullboy created the Giant bomb team on WWE '13. If you have any idea which video game character you would most want to party with or which game you were most disappointed with discuss them in their respective forum threads. Finally breast should all be ashamed of yourselves. 

Lovable Lists 

We have reached that time of the year again where everyone is tarting to make their Game of the Year lists. Check out all of the notable ones from this week and get your own ideas for your list. The only non-GOTY list this week comes from the always pleasing Mento who has created a list of all the games he would like to see on the video game based GCCX T.V. show. 

Useful User Reviews 

User Created Podcasts