The Community Spotlight - 12/14/2012

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight. For those that do not already know the beta for the Giant Bomb site re-design is now up. For those of you that are subscribers you can join in now. Please realize that it is a beta and once the beta has ended all of your forum posts, wiki edits, and other user creations will be wiped clean forever. Also recognize that the beta is a beat and the re-design is not finished. With that aside we have reached that time of the year when everyone is talking about their personal "Games of the Year," and as such this edition of the Spotlight is filled to the brim with Game of the Year user created goodies. In case you created a Game of the Year list sign up to participate in the yearly community game of the year voting to help determine the Giant Bomb Community's GOTY. 

Community Events & Game Nights 

  • Giantbomb Community 2012 Game of the Year Voting - Make Your Vote Count By Signing Up Over Here
  • The Official Game/Code/Credit/Key Giveaway Thread! - Get Into the Spirit of Christmas and Give Away Free Codes to Fellow Users Over Here!
  • Gerstmas 2013 - Join the Giant Bomb Community Game Giveaway Over Here!

Wonderful Wikis 

The winter game drought is here! Yes that's right, there are almost no games coming out this week. Double Fine officially released tehir first iOS game, Middle Manager of Justice and Party of Sin has had some nice work done to it. Also give the Wonder Boy franchise page a look in case you have never heard of it before. 

Best of Blogs

SURPRISE! There were a lot of Game of the Year blogs this week!Check them all out to see if there were any users that felt the same or different about the most notable video games of this year. Now in terms of the notable non-GOTY blogs there were plenty this week. Little_Socrates offered a rebuttal to the growing sentiment that The Walking Dead is not a video game, whereas biospank discussed how despite the fact that he enjoyed Silent Hill: Downpour he wouldn't consider that game a "true" Silent Hill game. Goran_P offers a picture book of his adventures in far Cry 3 whereas IrrelevantJohn shares his continual efforts to learn how to play fighting games using a fight stick for the first time. TrashMustache blogged about coming to the shocking conclusion that he has never beaten a Mario game. Mento completed his blog series about Desura indie games while F1000003 continues his effort to play all of the video games with 0D Beat Drop. Blogging menace Video_Game_King played through Asura's Wrath and Coron Land, and the always steady MajorMitch blogged about Little Inferno and XCOM. MetalGearSunny discusses the numerous games he has played recently ranging from Psychonauts to Persona 4, and SirOptimusPrime talks about Hotline Miami's soundtrack as an amateur musician. 

Fantastic Forums 

There's still plenty of end of the year stuff to discuss this week. From your favorite Giant Bomb moments to your favorite box art. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts on any of these subjects. However, the fun highlight of the week comes from IcyEyes who has created a highlight reel of Vinny's attempts to fly during the Ravaged Quick Look. 

Lovable Lists

As already mentioned we have a bunch of Game of the Year lists this week. If you haven't made your own get some ideas as to which games would appear on your own and sign up for the Community Game of the Year Voting over here. Our two non-GOTY lists come from Mento who looks at the best forest music in video games, and afrofools who has created a list of his favorite console platformers. 

User Reviews 

User Created Podcasts