The Community Spotlight - 12/15/2011


 Many Thanks to User FoxxFireArt for the Banner!     
 Many Thanks to User FoxxFireArt for the Banner!     
Hello and welcome to the Latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight!  If you haven't noticed Whiskey media is getting into the Christmas spirit by launching a new 12 Days of Whiskey 2011 Quest Set! Remember that for this quest set you can't just complete the whole thing in one sitting. GB user kortex is running Community 2011 Awards, so if you see one of his Topics pinned remember to vote in them. Now with Star Wars: Galaxies officially closed down for good check out the archive for the End of Star Wars: Galaxies in case you missed it. Dave Snider wants you to add Santa Hats to as many images as you can now that there's a "Fun" ability when you upload images to the site that will automatically add a Santa Hat to any image. Jeff has announced that the Game of the Year podcasts will most likely be OVER 6 HOURS LONG! So when those get release get ready to invest a lot of listening time. Finally...and I don't really know what to make of it. Someone on YouTube has synced the Giant Bomb Endurance Run with the Persona 4 anime. The end results are...hilarious: 
   Major Community Highlights
  • Beefy Media Christmas Card Contest: The MEATQUEL! - Use Your Photoshop Skills to Win $100 Over Here!
  • GB Community Fortune Street Friend Code Sharing Thread - Join in Risky Financial Adventures with Other Users Here!
  • Official QR Code Pushmo Sharing Thread - Share Your Levels Over Here!
  • Kessler Run - A Giant Bomb EU/US SWTOR Imperial Guild - Sign up Over  Here!
  • Good Luck Have Bothans - Giant Bomb PVE Server - Sign Up If You are Interested Over  Here!

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Author's Note:  Did you find or create any showcase worthy content on Giant Bomb be it related to the wiki or forums? Well then drop a comment on this here feature with a link to anything you have created or found and I promise to showcase it next week. Also to stay up on the best of the best of the Giant Bomb Community follow me on Twitter  @GiantBombSquad