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To each and every one of you reading this; be kind, earnest, and nice to those around you.

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Games I'm Embarrassed Having Points on or Created

I've been on this site since its creation. In the beginning I was a dedicated image submitter and as a result that's where over 70% of my wiki points lie. An unintended consequence of this is that I was indiscriminate in what pages I got points on. As a result there are some pages wiki entries that I really should have just walked away from.

List items

  • I recently have come to the horrifying realization after years of priding myself for not having authored "ridiculous" concept pages I am the author and creator of this concept page. My first response to this realization was simple:

    "Fuck, fuck, oh fucking no way."

  • A game that was attached to the "Double Entendre in Game Names" and decided I wanted to fill out the page because I thought the title was funny. In hindsight I feel dirty having points on this page.

  • A terrible terrible game that I shouldn't in any capacity benefited from.

  • I created this page and as a result I created a game that has a myriad of unrelated blogs attached to it.

  • A dumb game with a dumb title that is widely regarded as the game with the worst/best game title.

  • A terrible game based on one of the worst movies ever made. Not only do I have picture points on this page but I created this page.

  • Dumb acronym is worthy of a dumb author.

  • Another game game worthy of being on my "Wait these Aren't about Sex?" list that I set myself up for ridicule and humiliation.

  • I only submitted one image and only got 2-3 points but if there was one submission I truly and utterly wish I could undo it would be this game....

  • I should not be one of the top editors for this game. Also the EX series...

  • I decided to take it upon myself to make the Michael Jordan wiki page only about his depictions in video games as part of a request by Marino. The truth is...I hate the Chicago Bulls as both a Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors fan.

  • This page was the result of a discussion I had with another mod, BoG, about Persona 3. He basically gave me a summary when I noticed that that game was guilty of a trope that I have become increasingly more aware of. That trope being that someone or something is secretly a robot or android. I debated with him if the title would include "android," or "robot," in it and eventually settled with "robot" because it is more commonly used than android. It's a dumb, but valid concept page.

    As for the picture...I originally had a picture of Bishop from the Aliens movie franchise. However I eventually found the current image and could not in good faith not use it.