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Purged and Safe

List of of hentai or eroge games that have been purged of pornographic in game images or fan art. This list is for my own sake to remind which pages I have done and which ones I have not.

List items

  • Almost completely purged. General nudity and sexual intercourse.

  • Had to purge the entire wiki. So many catgirls...doing terrible deeds. Lots and lots of catgirl images. Graphic depictions of sadomasochism and rough acts of intercourse that did not appear to be consensual. New main image should be in line for this wiki.

  • Had to purge the entire wiki of its images. Then needed to find boxart that did not feature nudity. Harder than it sounds. This one was centered around a breast fetish.

  • Purged of most images including the original boxart and main image. Standard fair of sexual intercourse and acts of groping and passionate kissing with characters that were fully naked.

  • Character art surprisingly non-pornographic. Standard porn fair. Depictions of intercourse well outside of the rules. One character was a furry/catgirl.....

  • Ditto

  • It was what the title suggests. Heavy on roleplaying and "rough" acts of sex. Current image was the only image that did not include a sexual act.

  • Deemed "culturally significant" and survived deletion. Images featured bunnies. Of the many images on the wiki originally only 9 were deemed fit to be not in a violation of the rules. Images included forceful sexual actions and depictions of intercourse well outside of the rules.

  • Ditto. 9 images survived being purged.

  • 15 images of the many images originally on the wiki survived the Purge. Standard fair of porn.

  • Only two images survived. Featured sex and blood. Both were extremely graphic. Most images showed graphic acts of forceful and what appear to be non-consensual sex.

  • Mild case. Only two images required deletion. Possible case of game is exempt from being deleted for depicting sex in a tasteful or artistic manner.

  • Catgirls, and lots of them. Very graphic depictions of sex. Women often depicted as covered in male fluids...some worse. Deemed significant enough to avoid deletion.

  • Most of the images were for the PC98 version. They were laughably terrible but still deleted. Anime can be so freaking ugly sometimes. Naked breasts and pixelated female genitalia. Newer version images were more graphic and often depicted scenes of sexual torture and sadomasochism.

  • Lots of images. Over 50 of the images uploaded to this wiki were purged. Older images were less likely to be graphic that the images of the reboot. Far more heavy on sexual torture. Included sodomy with dildos and candles as well as being tied up and hung in the air with ropes pulleys.

  • Graphic sex images have been eliminated. Game centered around nurse fetish. Main image does not required being replaced.

  • Graphic sex images usually featuring orgies of up to four persons. One character looks incredibly young. Boxart deemed too sexual to be the main image and deleted.

  • Featured full nudity and sexual acts of what appear to be underage girls. Though not that many of the images were graphic enough to warrant deletion.

  • I'm not stupid. Significance of this game is understood and will be respected but it has purged of graphic images of sexual intercourse. Sometimes images featured acts of sexual assault and molestation.

  • Every game developed or published by G-Collections should be safe to check out.

  • Case of sexual fan art. Clearly young. Often featured images of nudity or partial nudity that suggested sexual assault or intercourse which falls under the rules. Most images were left intact.

  • The same as the other Vocaloid wiki. Most images were left intact, but a few crossed the line. Mostly cases of implied sexual content slightly above the ecchi fair which would be permitted.

  • A few fan art images crossed the line. Fan art will not be deleted based on quality but based on sexual content. Many fan art images were just bad but not graphic enough to delete.

  • Artistic and exempt from deletion. Went for a more passionate depiction of adult themes which has been noted. A few images which featured mutual masturbation, sexual cuddling, and sexual intercourse have been deleted.

  • Adult visual novel with standard fair. Generally images featured sexual intercourse as well as scenes of groping, orgies, and passionate kissing with full nudity. Also includes forceful sexual acts that appeared to be assault or even rape. Boxart replace as main image because it featured naked breasts.

  • Entry already purged of images. Simply replace the boxart as the main image because it feature a woman covered in white fluids with her breasts exposed. Entry is significant to be included in the database.

  • Significant enough to avoid deletion. Milder images featured acts of perversion and suggestive images of women in swimsuits. These were left alone for the most part. The other images featured graphic acts of sex between males and females as well as females and females. Also depicted were scenes of masturbation and voyeurism.

  • Standard fair of nudity and acts of intercourse. Most images displayed women partially or completely nude splayed apart in provocative and sexual ways. Most images were fine.

  • Most images were fine. Just a few that featured sex acts that needed deleting.

  • Graphic sex acts featuring male on female as well as female on female(s) and well as transgender person(s) acts. Included images of sodomy via dildos, masturbation, as well as voyeurism with nudity or implied sexual acts.

  • Images featured depiction of forceful acts of sex by males on females. Also featured were images of masturbation and women splayed in a manner that implied rape or sexual assault.

  • Deleted loli images with implied sexual themes or acts. Most images were "safe" if voyeuristic.

  • Numerous nude pictures of nude female characters performing various sexual acts. Other images with partial nudity with implied sexual content/acts. There were plenty of images that were "safe" so I guess this is page wont be deleted.

  • Standard fair, but this game featured images that could be best described as having a swimsuit fetish. Boxart was unusual. Featured three girls one with her legs wide open for obvious reasons, but their nipples were glowing a bright neon red as if they were robots. This image had been removed and a screenshot has replaced it.

  • Standard fair of porn images. Main image which was the boxart replaced because it contained naked breasts.

  • Mostly images of naked breasts and voyeuristic images implying sexual acts. Most were removed and a new main image was found because the previous one contained naked breasts.

  • Idols are the theme with this game. Images usually fetaure forcful acts of sexual assault and molestation. The boxart main image was replaced for this same exact reason.

  • As is the case a lot of the times the Xbox 360 version is a totally harmless dating sim. The PC version of this game is totally porn. Images would feature acts of forceful sex, orgies of up to five persons, groping and sexual molestation. Deemed culturally significant due to the 360 version and the fact that the game has an Anime Vice deemed acceptable to be on their database.

  • Mild compared to the other adult themed games. Most images were left intact. The ones that were deleted depicted consensual acts of clothed sex which featured acts of sex detailed enough to warrant deletion.

  • There was a surprisingly large collection of non-game related fan art which featured loli porn images. Which means act of sex against underage women.

  • Fan art which feature acts or suggested sexual acts. This character is a trap. I did not learn this from reading the wiki text.

  • Issue of loli images of young school girls being depicted in sexual positions. Acts of sex also depicted.

  • Most images were fine. Just a few were deleted for depicting sexual molestation of females.

  • Acts of sexual intercourse and full nudity in in-game pictures. Some images also depicted women partially clothed and in positions suggesting sexual acts.

  • In-game pictures depicted tentacles violating women some of which looked under-aged. Other images featured mostly naked or partial nude females in compromising positions suggesting immediate sexual violation.

  • Images contain full on act of sex as well as women in various degrees of nudity all in positions suggesting sexual acts and over emphasizing parts of the female body.

  • Images depicting sex and masturbation. Also depicted where voyeuristic images of females bathing or position that depicted them showing off their privates.

  • Images depicted female nudity in a sexual manner as well as sex and mutual masturbation.

  • A couple of images suggesting sexual acts. One featured urination.

  • Full to partial female nudity and women partially clothed in sexually suggestive positions.

  • A handful of images depicting nipples and exposed breasts. One included tentacles performing nipple "tweaking" and another included demon tentacle rape.

  • Self explanatory. We don't need images of Laura Croft nude or images of sex scenes from eroge games for users to understand what the point of this Wiki Concept is about.

  • Changed the original default image and removed images of graphic sex.