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Does the Epic store work in Hong Kong at all? Living and working in China for almost ten years now, will be in Hong Kong for a few days later this week, so if it's functional there maybe I'll give this thing a whirl.

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OPM2 is... Oh, boy... First episode of the new season is a recap episode of season one... I'm still willing to give JC the benefit of the doubt for now. Maybe this is intended and not a symptom of failing to meet deadlines. Maybe it'll pull a Date A Live, and we'll be okay. NAH, WHO AM I KIDDING, THIS WILL LIKELY BE A HOT MESS. FUCK.

Gonna echo the sentiment that Mob is absolutely kick-ass, even more so than season one. Positive energy all around. *big thumbs up*

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Well, OPM is coming next week, duders. Hopefully, the PV isn't an accurate indication of what the production situation is like at the moment, because for a PV this is pretty poor, especially when your show is airing in a week. Between OPM, Index, and Date A Live, it is looking like JC might have bitten off more they can chew. Fingers crossed, maybe it'll all be okay.

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@instantryan: Mob is so great. I fucking lost it when Reigen just casually walks up to the dude and decks him with a series of plain punches. Pretty sure this is going to be my #1 for 2019. Topping Mob will be really, really hard.

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@bane: Having played BDO for nearly a year, I would only recommend it to people who are very, very okay with grinding. This is a Korean grinder, and a fairly hardcore one at that. There's no real PvE endgame due to how the gear progression works, and the goal of upgrading gear (you can lose gear when upgrading fails so...) is to facilitate better grinding for gear in order to cap gear for PvP. To put it into perspective, the game is celebrating its third anniversary and giving out stuff, and one of the daily quest requirements is kill 1000 of a specific kind of mob... While its not as bad as it sounds (took me around 20 minutes with soft-capped gear, but I play during off hours due to timezone differences so didn't have people contesting), it's still pretty tedious. The lifeskill system is rewarding once you get deep enough into it, but it is also grindy as hell. The combat is super fun, and I can see it being even more intuitive for console controllers. @meatsofevil wrote a thing a while ago on BDO, so if OP is interested, check that out.

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@sombre: There's a fundamental question that needs to be asked before you take the dive: PvP or PvE?

As someone who still plays this game, albeit casually, it's hard to recommend GW2 for its PvE content. The world bosses and more engaging PvE encounters will probably feel fairly solid as spectacles, but there's not much longevity outside of farming them for rare drops that puts you at the mercy of RNG. Raiding was introduced at some point, and frankly, the raiding community in this game became an elitist shit hole somewhere down the line (the player base at large is probably way friendlier than many other MMOs, however). You could probably find a decent guild and roll with them for a while, but at some point GW2 began feeling like nothing more than a glorified chat room to me. Fractals (GW2 version of endgame dungeon instances) are a decent alternative, but it's also rather dependent on the group you run with. Achievement hunting is a fairly good pastime also, if that's you thing, but beware many of the rarer achievements are stupid tedious and require some hefty commitment.

PvP is where most people I know spend their time in GW2, or more specifically World versus World mode (WvWvW). If you dabbled in this mode back at release you know how fucking broken it was. Fortunately, most of the problems have been resolved and I find this mode a lot of fun. It's a healthy mix of PvP and PvE, where the objective is to capture fortified points on the maps and hold them for score accumulation. Players are divided based on their server ("world") and fight other servers for an ongoing period. At the end of the duration, the server with the highest score wins and moves onto a higher tier and the losers either stay in the current tier or gets dropped down. You can drop in or out at any point with no penalty, and when server "zergs" (big groups of players) meet one another the results are often thrilling and hilarious. The most fun I've ever had in the game is when all three zergs smack into one another and all hell breaks loose. I mean, there will probably be ridiculous lag and you'll likely disconnect or crash, but fucking a', it's great.

And I suppose there's another point worth mentioning: how much do you like to play dress-up? This game is affectionately called "Fashion Wars" by its players for good reason. There are a lot of cosmetics. A lot of them happen to cost real money, or no real money if you know good ways to make ingame money. This game sports one of the most robust cosmetic systems I've ever experienced, and I wish more games did this.

The core game mechanics are pretty much unchanged from launch, with the exception of the talent system receiving a significant overhaul. You still do world completion the same way and get the same completion rewards. There are more legendaries to craft, salvaging runes and sigils got a very recent change, Living Story is still a thing... It's still the same game, really, just with a lot more polish. Optimization is still utter garbage, though.

Ultimately, it's a free game. If you've got free time, go for it.

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Can we talk about Dororo for a bit? I thought this could be really good after two episodes, but I would have never guessed it could be this good.

Deviating from the source material is totally the right call, because I went through the original manga over the weekend, and let me tell ya, while it's pretty heavy on storytelling details, it is still thin overall by today's standards. The anime staff clearly respects Tezuka's work since there is an unmistakably Buddhist overtone to the whole thing and the general structure is reminiscent of late-era Tezuka. Hyakkimaru's journey is essentially the Buddhist practice of genzoku, a process by which a dedicated Buddhist practitioner returns to lay status, but the irony here is Hyakkimaru, who by definition is born a Buddhist saint due to the lack of any and all worldly desires, involuntarily attains the status through his father's personal greed motivated deal with demons. This is a fairly interesting take since Hyakkimaru would not be making a return journey to the world of desire but a reversed one from sainthood to a layperson. If handled well, the story has the potential to be very impactful. Other instances of similar dynamic reversals exist throughout the few episodes aired so far where Buddhist concepts are juxtaposed against the cruel realities of the story's setting, many of which are meaningfully thought provoking and rewardingly contemplative. The mini story arc presented in episode 5 and 6 is a great example of the anime's capable execution so far.

If this doesn't fumble down the line, I can see it making my 2019 top five, easily.

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Finished up the Godzilla: The Planet Eater trilogy. Yeaaaah... The first two films are pretty okay, but last installment is something special. Janky visuals aside, things just went horribly wrong with the writing in the final movie. I looked up the staff and studio responsible for this, and lo and behold, Netflix showed up in there. The way this flops actually reminds me of Ubukata Tow, but I would have never guessed Urobuchi Gen wrote this mess. Not sure how much involvement he had in the production process, because this is the worst thing I've seen that has Urobuchi's name attached to it.

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I was not expecting A Place Further than the Universe to make it that far up the list. Nor was I expecting Gridman and Violet Evergarden to even make it onto the list. Very surprised.

Congrats to Hinamatsuri for winning this year.

Thanks @dochaus for putting this together!

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@humanity: I briefly touched on Megalo Box in my AotY post and basically had the same problem as you did when it came to the theme of the show. To put it bluntly, by the time it wanted to do something other than to rely on its sense of nostalgia, it was already neck-deep in the the Ashita no Joe formulae and had no way of getting out. It also wrote itself into a dead end in the sense that the only way for it to differentiate from Ashita no Joe is for Junk Dog to not die, and when the audience becomes aware of that it kills all of the suspense and tension. I can see this show resonating particularly well with people of an specific era, namely the postwar economic boom, and those who grew up with material from that time period, but a barrier to entry into that zeitgeist is definitely present and that may or may not be a good thing.

I've been able to get into Love is War now after episode three, mostly because the gags are getting better and the narration is far less intrusive. Having said that, it is still fairly formulaic as a rom-com.

It has come to my attention that Cygames has made another Rage of Bahamut anime thing. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE, CY?