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I'm finally rockin!!!

So I just realized that I could use my Guitar Hero 3 guitar to play Rock Band now! Whoooo! I bought the disc-only version of Rock Band 2 and rented a copy of Rock Band 1 so I could import the songs to my hard drive. I am finally able to experience what everybody else has been playing for almost a year now. I love it! All I need to do now is buy a drum set. And get Guitar Hero: World Tour.

One thing I've noticed is that Rock Band has a much more gradual learning curve than Guitar Hero. That's awesome. I am finding that I can actually play pretty well on Hard difficulty, something that I never was able to do in GH. I am getting better and better with using all five notes and think that once I get good maybe I can actually go back to GH and play on Hard. We'll see. Now I'm probably just going to buy a bunch of music. I want to play some of the Smashing Pumpkins and Motley Crue stuff.

I am also making my way through BioShock and am really enjoying it. The Big Daddies are really hard though. I am kind of pissed that one of the big surprises has kind of been spoiled for me. It was my own damn fault, but I was looking at the list of trophies and saw the one marked "Become a Big Daddy." Wha wha whattt!!!??? Holy crap! After all the trouble I went to to avoid all spoilers makes sense since an outcome like that would fit the tragic outcome of the rest of Rapture. I am trying to forget I saw it, but I guess writing about it doesn't really help does it? The game is still pretty fascinating.

I also need to get to Dead Space, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, and Valkyria Chronicles. I feel kind of bad that I never finished Condemned 2, it really was a cool game. I plan on going back to it eventually, but so many good games came out at one time that I just kind of put it on the back burner.