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Conflicting mix: great puzzles/story & technical/emotional issues 0

One of the reasons some people will never see video games as a legitimate art form is because unlike other forms of media, games generally tend to shy away from disturbing or sensitive subject matter. Games like Call of Duty and State of Emergency depict unpleasant situations like war and urban riot, but they do so in such a bombastic, comic, unrealistic way that it’s extremely difficult to take them seriously.Sure, we have flower’s gorgeous depiction of urbanization encroaching on nature and Br...

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A great, quirky addition to your generative music game collection 0

Sound Shapes is one of those fairly rare music games that, instead of having the player recreate music directly a la Guitar Hero, has the player doing something completely different while intertwining the audio throughout the experience. Meshing the audio so intricately with the visuals and gameplay results in an intensely engaging tour de force for the senses. Games like Rez HD, Everyday Shooter, and Audiosurf are great examples of this phenomenon in practice.Sound Shapes takes that formula and...

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A unique but fun, addicting combination 0

Back in the before time, the long long ago that was summer of 2011, a little developer by the name of Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy game the likes of which no one had ever imagined, or even knew what to make of.Theatrhythm, a name as bizarre as its concept, was apparently a title that would feature music and characters from all 13 main numbered Final Fantasy games.The weird thing was that the game play would be entirely music based. Other than a few screenshots, not much else was known, ...

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Extremely taxing but very rewarding 0

Among artsy indie games, there have been a lot of compelling puzzle-platformers in recent years. Games like Braid, Limbo and Closure may at times take themselves a bit too seriously, but they still rank among some of the most intriguing and beautiful games in the indie-space, if not all of gaming. They tease mystery, ambiguity, and encourage you to give yourself up to them before they let their deeper meaning be revealed.The next game in that lineage, Fez, is essentially the vision of one man, P...

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Best Lumines Yet 0

Released way back in 2005, the original Lumines was one of the PSP’s most celebrated launch titles. It took the tried-and-true Tetris formula and not only turned it on its side, but also injected it with a shot of electronica-laced adrenaline. In this, it created something that was new and exciting, yet familiar and addicting like Alexey Pajitnov’s seminal puzzler did 21 years prior.After its resounding success, it spawned a PSP sequel, several PS2 and PC iterations, and an XBLA version. The las...

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Shank 2 Review 0

The first Shank, released a little less than a year and a half ago, was a game that never really made much of a splash and likely flew under the radar for many gamers.This is a shame since the small team at Klei Entertainment managed to create something that looked and felt much more unique than it probably was.Shank was, in essence, a brawler. You had light, heavy and ranged attacks, various weapons and grenades to vary up the combat, and you faced enemies that fit into familiar brawler stereot...

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This game inspires a love/hate relationship 0

This game is fun, but its a difficult one to recommend to most people. Its a very back and forth type of game. As in, some parts are really cool, some parts are totally lame. Fighting with your laser sword is really fun and NEVER gets old, even though it is pretty repetitive and gets a little close to being button-mashey. There is swearing and blood galore, the visuals are very stylized, and the story, while a bit sparse and not too deep, is mature and surprisingly interesting. Its quite p...

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Kratos is back, in portable form 0

Any fears I had about this game being pared down were unwarranted. Yes, the developers had to cut a few corners to fit the PSP, but its still God of War through and through. On the PSP. To a fan of the series, nothing more needs to be said; don't think, just buy. The graphics are top-notch and look great on the small screen, easily the best looking PSP game to date. My previous complaint about the backgrounds looking slightly plain are unfounded. I don't know if it was just the demo versio...

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