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Still doing my usual stuff... i should probably change it up now and then.

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Frozen Synapse is a bad game, and I want it off my computer

Well, i should start off my saying that it is my opinion that Frozen Synapse is a bad game... And since I have been playing games for a while now (21 years), I feel that I can judge a game's quality correctly. Beside the bland presentation, the core game play mechanics don't work fully. And worst of all, it isn't even fun when they do. There a lot more to say about this matter, but I'll leave that for another time, if i decide to write a review of the game (which i prolly won't, since it would be little more then me ranting about how bad the game is). The short of it is that I traded for the game (because of the steam gift event) played a few missions, and have uninstalled the game completely due to the poor quality of the title.


Mix feelings about Heavy Rain (the game)

I believe my feelings about the game Heavy Rain can be summed as follow.  
It like reading a choose your own adventure novel, written in a language you don't understand, where the choices are vague and misleading... in video game form. 
This isn't to imply that it is overall bad, but the game portion of this game, is horrible.  While at the same time the concept and story are amazing.  


Valkyria Chronicles Quote

I have been playing through VC (since it is on my list of games i own but never have finished) and i found this quote to be rather impressive. 

ALICIA: So what you're saying is the next battle is so critical it could actually determine how the rest of the war goes.    
  WELKIN: Yeah. Both for us and them. The opposing armies are assembling their forces at Naggiar.   
  It'll be the biggest battle we've fought yet, the biggest battle of the war.    
  ALICIA: That means more things we love will be destroyed, more people we care about will be taken away.     
  WELKIN: There are some things we lose that never get returned. That's the world.   
  Everything around us is in flux. The old Bruhl, the town we used to know. Isara...we've lost them forever.    
  ALICIA: Welkin...    
  WELKIN: But, it's like you said, Alicia. We build new things as we lose the  old.   
  If we can win this battle at Naggiar, we can push the Empire all the way back to northeast Gallia.   
  If that happens, then victory will be right around the corner.    
  [ALICIA brightens up.]    
  WELKIN: Once the war is over the real work will start. We'll build a new Mill Plaza. In fact, we'll build a whole new town.

Just got done with a phone interview...

Just finished talking to the HR person about a QA position, and from what i can tell, i won't get the job in question.  However, from what she said, it sounds like they may offer me a different job come early next year (I am not qualify enough for the senior position, but i should be fine in a mid-level one).  So i am kind of happy about that. 
On a side note, i realize that i sweat a lot when i am nervous... well not a lot, but considering that i don't normally sweat (unless i have been biking for 20 minutes),... i found it odd.


Games that I never finished (but own)

Well, I have found with my recent unemployment that I have a lot of free time on my hands, so I figure that I would catch up on some gaming.   However, I notice that I don't really feel the need to finish quite a few of my games.   I find this odd.   So I think that I'll start a new blog series (if I can actually force myself to write stuff on a semi-normal schedule) and examine why I don't feel the need/desire to finish these games.



Valkyria Chronicles






Super Mario Galaxy 2**

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom***


Infinite Space

Puchi Puchi Virus

The Dark Spire

Another DS title that I forget the name of (since my brother has been borrowing it for the last 4 months)


*Currently playing, but not sure if I'll finish it

**Finished the story mode, but haven't fully finished the title (got 100 stars in SMG 2, but there are 120 in a play through(only need like 70 to beat it (which I did)))

***Game doesn't have a 'ending' but I haven't played enough of the title to feel like I have finished it


Figured out how to make lists

Well, i finally figure out how to make lists, so my Mini-Review list is up, check it out if you want to see what my brief opinion is on certain games.  Also, made a want to play list, to remind myself of what games i want to play, its hard to keep track.  Lastly, when i have the time, i'll move the games from my favorite list to a new Review list.

In the mini-review area, "R:" means that i rented or borrowed that game, and "B:" means i bought it.

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